Chris Harrison Says ‘The Bachelor’ ‘Probably Won’t Ever’ Have Contestants Live Together During Fantasy Suites Again

Peter Weber’s fantasy suites episode aired earlier this week and things were a little different this time around.

Typically, the final three contestants are in separate hotel rooms, and they’re unaware of when the other two overnights take place.

During Weber’s fantasy suites, though, the women all stayed together, which was, as controversial contestant Victoria Fuller put it, “awkward.”

Victoria F. and Peter Weber | Francisco Roman via Getty Images
Victoria F. and Peter Weber | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

The women had to be painfully aware of when the man they’ve all said they’re falling in love with was spending the night with two other women. And afterwards, they had to feign polite conversation about how the dates went. It was tough to watch.

Why Hannah Ann Sluss, Victoria Fuller, and Madison Prewett lived together during fantasy suites, according to Chris Harrison

This was the first time The Bachelor‘s ever had contestants stay together during fantasy suites so fans, naturally, are all asking: Why?!

Host Chris Harrison was recently interviewed by Lauren Zima (his girlfriend) on Entertainment Tonight’s “Roses and Rose” about fantasy suites, “Women Tell All,” and the finale.

“Why are the final three living together during fantasy suites?” asked Zima.

“We’ve never done it before. Obviously, this is a little historical. There’s things we do as producers on the show that force situations that need to be forced. This Madison relationship needed to come to a head. Clearly there were things that needed to be spoken of. They’re not good at speaking. She put an ultimatum on the table, which, by the way, is fine if that’s your faith and that’s your way of life, that’s fine. I know – why is she on The Bachelor? Bigger question. Why, why, why? But that was the reason we put them all together,” responded Harrison.

But he doesn’t think he and his fellow producers will be doing it again.

“Yes, it was awkward, and yes we have never done it before, probably won’t ever do it again, but this season needed it because Madison and Peter and that situation really dictated it. It needed to happen,” he continued.

Chris Harrison on ‘Women Tell All’ and Peter Weber’s finale

Zima also asked him about the upcoming “Women Tell All.” Harrison says he’s interested to see what the former contestants will say because they didn’t exactly get along throughout Weber’s season.

“It’s gonna be an interesting ‘Tell All’ because this group doesn’t quite have that sisterhood that a lot of them have. There’s always the villain or the one that’s outspoken the most but it seems to have been fractured so much,” he said.

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He also addressed the rumor that Weber ends his season with a producer.

“Julie is an amazing and talented producer. Far be it for me to ruin anything for this season, but seems much ado about nothing to me. Unless I just don’t know. Which is possible,” he teased.

As for Weber’s finale, Harrison says it’s going to be one of the “wildest ending[s] there’s ever been.”

“I mean, it’s hard to say, going back to the Jason Mesnicks of the world, Arie, even Colton. But this is up there,” he said.

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