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Chris Hemsworth’s latest Instagram posts prove that the actor is transforming into a real-life superhero in front of our eyes. He’s even more jacked now than in all of his appearances in Marvel’s Infinity Saga.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth | Don Arnold/WireImage

Hemsworth says that the changes he’s made to his diet and workout routine since filming Avengers: Endgame has made him feel better than ever. In order to retain his God-like physique, fans might be surprised to learn that Hemsworth eats an insane amount of food every day.

Chris Hemsworth made some big changes to his training and nutrition program after ‘Avengers: Endgame’

According to Men’s Health, it wasn’t until after Endgame that Hemsworth changed up his diet. In 2019, Hemsworth said that over the previous year he “changed up a lot” of his training and nutrition program.” As a result, he says it’s “the best I’ve ever felt.”

Proof that Hemsworth is telling the truth exists on his Instagram page. The actor launched his Centr wellness app earlier this year, which integrates the mind and body through exercise, diet, and healthy lifestyle plan. While promoting the app, Hemsworth has been posting pics and videos on social media of his hardcore workouts.

Hemsworth’s dedication to fitness is obvious, and his workout regimen and diet are insanely strict. It takes a lot of discipline and work in the gym to look like the Thor star. It also takes a lot of food.

The Marvel star includes a lot of snacking in his daily diet

Hemsworth’s calorie intake begins as soon as he wakes up. He immediately reaches for something to put in his stomach, like a large plant-based shake. This gets protein into Hemsworth a couple of hours before he eats a full breakfast.

The actor’s breakfast includes a mix of protein, fiber, and complex carbs. Hemsworth usually opts for three eggs with toast or oatmeal and some veggies. For lunch (and sometimes for dinner), the 37-year-old eats a substantial portion of red meat. To balance it out, Hemsworth includes veggies and starches, like a baked potato or rice.

Before bed, the actor will take BCAAs, zinc, and magnesium, and a snack to avoid getting hungry before the next morning. Snacking is actually a big part of Hemsworth’s daily diet. He regularly munches on yogurt and berries, dried fruit, beef jerky, frozen veggie popsicles, protein shakes, and crackers with Vegemite.

“The quantity of food Chris is consuming is that of an athlete, rather than the average male, so it’s important to keep this in perspective,” registered dietitian Kelly Jones notes.

Is it healthy to eat like Chris Hemsworth?

The timing and amounts of the food that Hemsworth consumes is extremely strategic. His diet coincides with his workouts for optimal muscle growth and repair.

“His frequent intake of yogurt is great to support gut health, along with the prebiotics he is getting from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds,” Jones says.

She added that Hemsworth’s chef has gone through “a lot of trial and error” to develop the actor’s “go-to prep plan.” While this diet works for Hemsworth, that doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Not only does it take a lot of meal prep and planning, the actor’s diet also has extremely large portions.


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“Three chicken breasts greatly exceed the amount of protein that can be used for muscle repair at a time, and it’s a slow, inefficient conversion of protein to energy,” Jones explains.

Hemsworth isn’t afraid of carbs, either, but he always uses complex ones as fuel for his workouts. Jones noted that she appreciates that Hemsworth includes whole grain toast and starches like rice and potatoes.

She says that they “energize physical activity and support healthy muscle growth.”

Fans will see Hemsworth as Thor again in Thor: Love and Thunder. It’s scheduled to hit theaters on February 11, 2022.