Chris Hemsworth’s Parenting Fail Story About Sneaking His Daughter on a Disneyland Ride Is Terrifying

Chris Hemsworth may have once been named the Sexiest Man Alive, but he admits he’s not entirely perfect. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live with his Avengers: Endgame castmates, Hemsworth shared a parenting fail moment that he’s not too proud of.

Chris Hemsworth at GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2018 In Association With HUGO BOSS
Chris Hemsworth | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Hugo Boss

Avengers cast talks about a recent visit to Disneyland

During the interview, the cast recalled their visit to Disneyland to celebrate a $5 million grant to benefit children’s hospitals.

Scarlett Johansson talked about how they went on the “Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission BREAKOUT!” ride, but Robert Downey Jr. had to take a pass, given his last time on the ride was pretty unpleasant. He explained how he “almost yakked” when he went on the ride earlier this year for his kid’s birthday.

Hemsworth admitted his epic parenting mistake

The conversation prompted Hemsworth to recall taking his daughter India on the ride when it was called the Tower of Terror – and how he made a pretty big misstep.

At the time, India wasn’t tall enough to go on the ride, but rather than move along to another ride, Hemsworth decided to try and beat the system, explaining how he put candy bars in his daughter’s shoes to make her appear tall enough for the ride.

It worked — but wasn’t the best plan, in terms of safety.

He explained how it all went down

Hemsworth shared: “I took my daughter on it a couple of years ago when it was previously called the Tower of Terror or something. She wasn’t tall enough and she was really upset. And I was like ‘Nah, forget this. Come here.’”

He continued: “So I grabbed a couple of Snickers bars and slammed it in the back of her shoe under her heel, so I propped her up” to make her look taller.

The sneaky trick worked, Hemsworth noted, as they entered the ride, he explained, “And they’re like, “OK. In you come.’”

Was it ‘wildly irresponsible’?

While Hemsworth seemed proud with his cheat, Johansson wasn’t so impressed, noting: “It’s wildly irresponsible as well.”

Hemsworth admitted, “it gets worse,” adding, “We’re at the top and I’m looking at her and she’s strapped in and the seat is massive on her and I’m like ‘We beat the system, honey!’”

When the ride dropped, however, India wasn’t secure in her seat and he had to grab her so she didn’t get hurt. “I grab onto her, she is screaming the whole way down,” he explained.

He admitted, “Maybe there’s a reason that there’s a height…size,” with Robert Downey Jr. interjecting, “Maybe?!!”

Hemsworth’s parenting fail is a teachable moment, he explained, saying, “So, don’t do that. She’s fine, she’s well.”

Fans sounded off on Twitter

Naturally, fans had plenty to say about Hemsworth’s parenting oops, with many taking to Twitter to share their disappointment over the actor trying to beat the system.

One person noted: “@chrishemsworth @WaltDisneyWorld @JimmyKimmelLive Putting things in your daughter’s shoes so she can go on a Disney ride??? Really??? Those rules are there to protect your child! #ParentFail.”

Another person tweeted: “Chris Hemsworth shoved candy bars into his daughter’s shoes so she’d appear tall enough to get on a ride at Disneyland. Adjust your Chris rankings as needed.”