Chris Hemsworth Snuck an ‘Endgame’ Spoiler into an Interview and No One Noticed

Giving away spoilers in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies has become a big problem with a few cast members, most notoriously from Tom Holland. Latter gave away so many surprises in the Spider-Man films, the other cast members had to intervene in interviews to ensure he would never blab something by mistake.

Even then, it never did much good. Spoilers are just inevitable, particularly when interviews are being done and the stars in question have to dance around certain answers.

It happened once to Chris Hemsworth, despite him being one of the better ones in keeping secrets. During a 2019 MCU event in the U.K., he inadvertently gave away a critical plot point of Captain America picking up Mjolnir.

Did Chris Hemsworth really give away the Mjolnir spoiler?

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth | Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

All the press junkets for Avengers: Endgame were more than a little intense early last year. Having the entire cast fly around the world to do Q&A’s about the film was likely a grueling experience that might have left a few feeling a tad jetlagged.

During a fan event in the U.K., it seems Hemsworth let the cat out of the bag when asked about dealing with all three Chrises on the set (Hemsworth, Evans, and Pratt). This particular Q&A was caught on video and posted again recently on Reddit.

As one can see, the host of the event asked Hemsworth how the cast reacts when the director asks him to do something specific in a scene. Hemsworth answered by saying the Russo Brothers would just say “Chris, do this…”, sometimes creating confusion for each Chris on which one was being addressed.

Within his answer, it seems Hemsworth inadvertently gave away the then Chris Evans/Captain America Mjolnir secret.

Fans think this was an ‘Endgame’ spoiler everyone missed until now

While answering the above question, Hemsworth noted “Chris Evans might inadvertently pick up the hammer” when the three Chrises became confused on direction while on set.

Did Hemsworth give away the secret plot that Captain America would have Mjolnir fly into his hands unexpectedly, shocking Thor? Said one Reddit user: “It’s 2 different spoilers: The hammer, & that there is a scene in which all 3 Chrises are present (it was only ever 2 at a time in the first 3 Avengers films).”

Yet, Hemsworth never seemed to indicate he was giving anything away, which makes one wonder if he really knew what the final cut would look like. The audience was certainly never privy to anything either since their reaction was only a few chortles rather than shock.

Another Reddit user tried to persuade everyone of this rumor: Chris Evans picked up the hammer by accident in the scene and the Russos left it in the final print. So far, no evidence exists this is true.

Chris Evans was psyched early on in learning he would wield Mjolnir


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According to Screen Rant, the Russos decided early to let Cap be the only other superhero (other than Vision) worthy to pick up Thor’s hammer. When Chris Evans found out about it, he was truly excited since these actors were already fans of the characters.

In the above Reddit video clip, Evans appears not to react at Hemsworth possibly giving away a spoiler, if maybe trained not to so it would never catch on with the audience. No other incidents exist like this, or at least that anyone knows.

The fact this video clip came to light a year and a half after it took place is proof some slip-ups can easily take place when having to travel across the continents for press. Maybe this should make the other stars give less criticism of Tom Holland when keeping secrets is sometimes near impossible within a giant media circus.