Chris Pratt Details His Complicated Relationship With His Dad

Chris Pratt worked his way up to being an international movie star. The NBC show Parks and Recreation put him on the map, he hadd a small role in Moneyball, and then his career took off with Guardians of the Galaxy (which he didn’t want to audition for). Now, he’s recognized all over the world. Pratt’s rise to superstardom includes three kids, two marriages, and one complicated childhood relationship with his dad. These days, though, Pratt has a solid bond with his famous father-in-law.

Chris Pratt attends the 2014 premiere of 'Guardians of the Galxay.' Pratt had a complicated relationship with his dad, who at times tried to toughen up his "sensitive" son.
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Chris Pratt has a strong bond with his son, Jack

Pratt and his first wife, Anna Faris, met in 2009 and welcomed their son, Jack, in 2012. The marriage ended in 2017, but Pratt maintains a strong relationship with his son.

He and Faris team up to co-parent their son, and their methods seem to work. The family dynamic does not seem to affect the relationship between father and son. Pratt routinely hangs out with Jack one-on-one, and the Jurassic World actor shared an Instagram post in which we can clearly see a cute hand-written note from Jack promising to see his dad “at 8:00-ish.”

Pratt and his son have a strong bond. Pratt’s complicated relationship with his dad never quite got to the same point.

Pratt details what his complicated relationship with his dad was like: “I was raised by Homer Simpson”

Pratt and his family moved a few times and endured some hardships during his childhood, such as losing their house. Challenges can sometimes bring people closer, but the actor had a complicated relationship with his dad growing up.

Dan Pratt moved the family from Minnesota to Alaska to Washington in search of mining work. Chris Pratt told Men’s Health he has always been a sensitive person, but his dad was the opposite. 

“I was raised by Homer Simpson, not Ned Flanders … He was from the old school. He was a boxer and a bouncer. He used to f—— kick the s— out of people. … I am a sensitive person. My dad knew that when I was a youngster, and it kind of made him dislike me. Or not dislike me but act like he disliked me — because he probably grew up in a world where a guy like that could get eaten alive. And so he wanted to put calluses on me. Early on, I developed humor as a self-defense mechanism — I developed Andy, really. Andy on ‘Parks and Rec’ was my clown that I had honed my entire life, a guy who is affable, who’s an intelligent person playing a dumb person.”

Chris Pratt talks about his relationship with his dad

Still, it wasn’t all awkward between Pratt and his father. In September 2015, a little over a year after Dan Pratt’s 2014 death, his son shared a photo of a father-son fishing trip on Twitter. Several years before that, the star of The Terminal List tweeted about not having the chance to see his dad enough.

The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star has a good relationship with his father-in-law, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Pratt had a challenging relationship with his own dad, but at least he has a strong one with his father-in-law.

After Pratt and Faris divorced, he married Katherine Schwarzenegger. If the name didn’t give it away, her dad is legendary action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

As an action movie star himself, Pratt had to work hard to win over father Schwarzenegger

Whatever Pratt did worked (maybe it was something he did when they worked out together), as Arnold gave his blessing for the two of them to marry. 

Now, Pratt and Arnold have a solid relationship. The two share a unique bond and understanding in their work as generational action movie stars, and Pratt has seen Schwarzenegger’s secret gift-giving skill up close. 

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