Chris Pratt Is Being Called the #Worstchris for a Tasteless Voting Joke

Chris Pratt has been in the spotlight for almost two decades. Though he had roles in series like Everwood and The O.C., his breakout role did not come until he starred on the hit NBC sitcom, Parks and Recreation as the loveable but air-headed, Andy Dwyer.

The success from the acclaimed comedy series landed him a coveted role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Star-Lord. Though the actor is known for his lighthearted jokes, his most recent joke about voting did not go over well with his fans.

In fact, Pratt, who is often grouped in with Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pine is now being called #WorstChris because of it.

Chris Pratt arrives for Premiere Of Disney And Pixar's "Onward" held at the El Capitan Theatre on February 18, 2020 in Hollywood, California
Chris Pratt arrives for Premiere Of Disney And Pixar’s “Onward” held at the El Capitan Theatre on February 18, 2020 in Hollywood, California | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Image

Chris Pratt has been under fire before

Though Pratt has never gotten political or said anything outwardly controversial, he has come under fire in the past for his Instagram posts. In 2018, the Guardians of the Galaxy star posted a video of himself in hunting fatigues with a gun.

“There are five seasons in the year: spring, summer, fall, winter and elk,” he wrote under the video. “Can’t wait to put a hurting on a monster bull in the coming weeks. Good luck to my bugel lovin’ brothers and sisters of the woods. Be careful out there!”

Fans and animal lovers were horrified. They called Pratt, “cruel” and urged him to think critically. Though others came out in support of the actor he swiftly took the video down.

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Chris Pratt just made an insensitive voting joke

The world and the country as a whole are on edge. We are currently in one of the most harrowing election years in modern-day history while dealing with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While many celebrities and public figures have been urging people to vote in the election, Pratt used a different tactic.

Instead of urging fans to vote in the Presidential election, he urged fans to vote for his animated film Onward for the 2020 People’s Choice Awards. “With all that’s going on in the world it is more important than ever that you vote,” Pratt wrote on Instagram. “Just ask any celebrity. They will tell you. Every day. Several times a day. To vote. But me? I will tell you EXACTLY who to vote for. #onward.” People were not amused. One Instagram follower said, “I get this is supposed to be a cute little joke but it comes off as really insensitive.” Soon after, #worstchris began trending.

Chris Pratt’s wife Katherine Schwarzenegger is serious about voting

While Pratt was busy kidding around, Schwarzenegger was getting serious about voting and who she is voting for. After President Trump urged Americans not to be afraid of COVID-19, , Schwarzenegger got fired up on Instagram.

“If that tweet itself is not enough to get you fired up to want to elect Biden and get rid of Trump as president of our country, then I don’t know what is,” she said. “That’s the sickest tweet I’ve ever seen. Please vote. Please go ahead and unfollow me if you think Trump’s tweet today was appropriate or helpful in regards to the global pandemic we are in and to those who’s lives have been lost. Bye for now.”