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Chris Pratt, like many actors who’ve joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has become one of the biggest actors in Hollywood.

But long before that, even before he was Andy Dwyer in Parks and Rec, Pratt was just a regular dude. 

He didn’t have family connections in the industry like many actors do, and instead, he was just discovered by chance. And nowadays, even though he’s one of the most famous faces in the world, he hasn’t forgotten where he comes from. Here’s a look at Chris Pratt’s 1965 VW Beetle and how it represents who he truly is.

How Chris Pratt went from being homeless to working in Hollywood

Chris Pratt on the red carpet
Chris Pratt | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Like many young adults who just graduated from high school, Pratt moved away from his hometown and tried to pursue his dreams. He was homeless and camping on a beach in Hawaii for a time, and when it came to his jobs, he did whatever was available to him. He was a stripper for a while but the most important job that he had was as a waiter. 

There, as a waiter, he got discovered by someone in Hollywood. It didn’t take long before his natural charm and charisma helped earn him roles in bigger and bigger productions. Obviously, in 2009, he started working on NBC’s Parks and Rec, and after earning a lot of fans, he became Star-Lord in the Marvel movies. 

Nowadays, his fame has allowed him to work for almost every major movie studio. Not only is he an important part of the MCU, but he’s also the lead actor in the ‘Jurassic World’ movies. 

Chris Pratt’s special 1965 VW Beetle

Despite the millions that he’s earned and the fancy cars that he’s bought along the way, Pratt has a more unique car in his garage. According to Hot Cars, he has a 1965 VW Beetle that’s not very remarkable in a lot of ways. 

It has a deep golden yellow paint job, but for all intents and purposes, it’s just another 1965 VW Beetle. But not to him. That’s because, unlike other 1965 VW Beetles, Hot Cars said that Pratt restored this Beetle by himself. This gives his Beetle plenty of sentimental value, as he, in a way, helped create it. 

Car restoration isn’t an uncommon hobby, but it’s rare to see a Hollywood star restore a car by themselves. Many Hollywood stars, even if they own millions of dollars worth of cars in their garage, won’t know their way around the inside of a car. This type of rugged, DIY attitude is simply a reflection of who Pratt is when he isn’t acting in a movie or a show. 

The many hobbies of Chris Pratt


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When he was homeless in Hawaii, he’d spend some of his free time fishing. This is a hobby that hasn’t changed despite his fame. But, the location of where he goes fishing certainly has. When Pratt gets tired of living in Los Angeles, he often takes a trip to his ranch in his home state of Washington.

There, he not only takes care of his animals, but he also goes fishing. He doesn’t just fish for fun, either. He knows exactly how to gut a fish before he cooks it. Much like restoring cars, Pratt enjoys activities that many rugged Americans also enjoy.

Not just that, but he’s also a big fan of sports. Pratt is not only a big fan of baseball, but he’s also a big fan of the UFC. It would take a long time to talk about the other hobbies that he has, but suffice to say, he enjoys doing a lot of things that many other Hollywood actors wouldn’t enjoy.