Chrishell Stause Says ‘Selling Sunset’ Is a ‘Housewives’ and ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Mashup – and Is She Dating Simu Liu?

Chrishell Stause compared Selling Sunset to a mashup between Bravo’s Housewives and Million Dollar Listing when asked about the ongoing shade from Million Dollar Listing brokers.

She also insisted that she and her former client, actor Simu Liu are not dating, despite the chemistry fans detected they had on Selling Sunset. Plus, she shared that Susan Lucci from All My Children took her to the first fancy restaurant she’s ever dined at when she was a young actor.

No shade for ‘Million Dollar Listing’ brokers from Chrishell Stause

The ongoing shade from quite a few Million Dollar Listing brokers toward Selling Sunset has been nonstop, but Stause wasn’t going to play into it. Instead, she said Selling Sunset is a different show than Million Dollar Listing, with the drama from Housewives peppered throughout it.

Chrishell Stause arrived at the 2021 People's Choice Awards
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“We didn’t reinvent the wheel,” she said on the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show. “But we definitely took two different genres and blended them together. So it’s Housewives and real estate together.”

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles broker Tracy Tutor, who made snarky remarks about Selling Sunset in the past, recently referred to the women on Selling Sunset as “candy” for Netflix. “They have beautiful women working for them, which obviously was, you know, like candy for Netflix,” she said on the Dear Reality, You’re Effed podcast. 

“I’m not going to say that they don’t sell real estate,” she added. “But if you were like, let’s pick some great women in real estate in Los Angeles that are doing business and successful, not even necessarily at the top of the game, but who are doing business. You would not point out the women that are on that show.”

Chrishell Stause said she is not dating Simu Liu

She also addressed a question about if she and Liu are dating. “I get this question a lot. I have to say, Simu is just a friend of mine,” she said. When Cohen asked if they were friends with benefits she said definitely not. But added, “I promise. No one ever believes me. No. He’s so lovely. He’s amazing. I don’t think he’s public with his whole situation, but he’s just a friend.”

Cohen wondered what Stause referred to when it came to “his whole situation” but she clarified his dating situation.

Liu posted a photo with the Selling Sunset cast over the summer. “Swung by the beautiful offices of @TheOppenheimGroup yesterday to catch up with a friend and talk about LA real estate,” he captioned the image. And added, “@Chrishell.Stause, I’m so proud of how far you’ve come on and off the show. You’re a class act (and your friends aren’t too shabby either) and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Onwards and upwards!”

She also shared a funny story about being set up on a date thanks to Susan Lucci from ‘All My Children’

When Stause was on All My Children, Susan Lucci set her up on a date. “She set me up once on a date,” Stause recalled. “It’s something – again – that we laugh about. I was just happy to be at dinner with Susan Lucci.” Cohen clarified that Lucci and her husband went on a double date with Stause and one of their friends.

“So she didn’t realize how young I was,” she said. “And I didn’t realize how [mature he was]. So of course afterward she felt bad and we laughed about it. Who cares, I got a great free dinner. I didn’t know how to say any of the things on the menu. I was young. It was the first fancy restaurant I’d been to. So I didn’t care.” She even called her sister to ask her which menu item was the chicken.

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