‘Chrisley Knows Best’: Lindsie Chrisley Opens Up About the ‘Possibility’ of a Reconciliation Amid Her Parents’ Conviction

Following the conviction of reality tv stars Todd and Julie Chrisley, estranged daughter Lindsie Chrisley let fans in on how she’s feeling. Though their relationship had been strained, she said the guilty verdict wasn’t what she wanted for her dad and stepmom.

Learn more about the Chrisleys’ alleged crimes, how Lindsie feels about the potential of reconciling after the verdict, and why she supposedly wasn’t on speaking terms with her family.

Lindsie Chrisley, pictured with her family, opened up about the potential of a reconciliation with her parents
attends the 2016 NBCUniversal Summer Press Day at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village on April 1, 2016 in Westlake Village, California.

What did Todd and Julie Chrisley allegedly do?

According to the Department of Justice, Todd and Julie Chrisley engaged in a conspiracy to defraud Atlanta banks. And they were convicted on that charge and multiple tax crimes along with their accountant (per CNN.)

Evidence submitted in the case suggested that the Chrisleys provided fraudulent information while applying for millions of dollars in personal loans between 2007 and 2012. Then, they allegedly used the money for their benefit and extravagant spending.

In 2014, USA Network began airing Chrisley Knows Best. Agents claimed the Chrisleys conspired to avoid paying delinquent taxes upon finding lucrative success with that show. They pleaded not guilty to the charges against them, but the jury didn’t believe them.

Todd and Julie Chrisley are now awaiting sentencing, facing up to 30 years in prison.

What does Lindsie Chrisley think about the possibility of a reconciliation with her estranged parents after their conviction?

Lindsie previously said there was no way she would reconcile with Todd and Julie Chrisley. But following their conviction, she confessed she’d changed her mind. On her “Coffee Convos” podcast, she claimed she put her foot in her mouth. She took back what she said about how “there’s never a possibility for any type of reconciliation.”

“I will also go on record today and say that I love my parents, I love my siblings, I love my grandmother,” Lindsie explained (per Us Weekly.) “And what is the future of our relationships at this point, I’m currently not going to discuss any more than that, other than the fact that I love them and I stand with them.”

She concluded, “I will continue to stand with them through the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Why was Lindsie Chrisley estranged from her parents when she swore off the possibility of reconciliation?


‘Chrisley Knows Best’: Todd Chrisley and Lindsie Chrisley’s Feud Is Getting Really Ugly

If any readers wonder why Lindsie Chrisley feuded with her family, she also previously spoke about that on her podcast. She said she wouldn’t air the Chrisley clan’s “dirty laundry” and maintained that she wasn’t aware of any financial crimes.

However, Lindsie once accused her father and brother, Chase Chrisley, of extortion. She said they threatened to release an alleged sex tape of her with Robby Hayes of The Bachelorette fame.

Notably, she was married at the time and not to him. Furthermore, Hayes corroborated Lindsie’s version of those events. The family disputed the story.

Lindsie and her husband stayed together until 2021. “Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for me, because I live an honest life, we have been able to, I won’t say seamlessly, but we have been able to move on and get past the f–kery,” Lindsie explained in 2019 (per E! News.)

“And it doesn’t take away the fact of the actual issue at hand, which is the legal issues,” she added. “And those are none of my business, so I’m not going to speak on those. But they, that’s what they need to be focused on and not merging into my lane.”