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We are in the middle of unprecedented times. The coronavirus (COVID-19), a horrible virus that does not yet have a cure is infecting and killing people across the globe. After witnessing the pandemic sweep through China and Italy, the United States and other countries have taken drastic measures in an attempt to stop the spread.

As a result, many major events including SXSW Film Festival, the Met Gala, Coachella and others have either been canceled or postponed. Additionally, cities and governments are asking people to remain in their homes as much as possible so that they do not risk infecting others. Obviously, this has disrupted everyone’s life globally, and most people are doing what they can to remain positive.

Unfortunately, not everyone has understood how serious this is. High School Musical alum, Vanessa Hudgens posted an insensitive rant regarding the pandemic. She has since apologized. Now model/chef Chrissy Teigen has stepped in to ask trolls to stop bullying and harassing Hudgens.

Vanessa Hudgens made inappropriate and insensitive remarks about the coronavirus pandemic

On March 16, Hudgens hopped on Instagram Live to share her thoughts on the coronavirus. Unfortunately, her thoughts were less than warm and comforting.

In the video, she quipped, “Sounds like a bunch of bullsh*t, I’m sorry. It’s a virus, I get it. I respect it. But at the same time, like, even if everybody gets it—like, yeah, people are gonna die. Which is terrible. But, like, inevitable? I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this right now.” She finished with a laugh.

One Twitter user wrote, “Vanessa Hudgens is a reminder of how people can be casually ableist and explain away the deaths of disabled and chronically ill people.”

Vanessa Hudgens has apologized for her Coronavirus comments

Feeling the fury of her fellow global citizens, the 31-year-old actress first tried to say that her comments were taken out of context. That would have been challenging since Hudgens says all of these statements on her Instagram video. Later she issued a formal apology on Twitter.

“Hey guys,” she said. “I’m so sorry for the way I have offended anyone and everyone who has seen the clip from yesterday. I realize my words are insensitive and not at all appropriate for the situation our country and the world are in right now. This has been a huge wake up call about the significance my words have, now more than ever. I’m sending safe wishes to everyone to stay safe and healthy during this crazy time.”

Chrissy Teigen wants everyone to move past Vanessa Hudgens’ remarks

Though Teigen is in no way defending Hudgens’ words or behavior, she believes that people are taking things too far. “Sometimes people, especially famous people, are gonna say really stupid sh*t,” she tweeted. “And so are you. And they, and u, will learn from it & hopefully their history says they’re good. It’s ok. And at the same time, wow they really had a dumb fuckin moment. But u don’t have ruin their lives. This isn’t about me this time. But it will be one day, or it’ll be you. But yeah today it’s Vanessa lol. And no, life is rarely ruined for anyone. But you are damn well trying your best. Just stop.”

When people tried to drag Teigen for defending Hudgens against the bullying and clapping back against cancel culture she said, “What can I say. Kids and online torture have made me a much more empathetic person. May you never be on the end of everyone hating you.”