Chrissy Teigen’s Glam New Look Has Fans Mistakening Her for Khloé Kardashian

Chrissy Teigen is an icon to many fans when it comes to fashion and beauty. She has had plenty of outfits to show off during major events. Teigen even did not hesitate to glam it up during her pregnancy. She also has revealed her beauty routine to followers.

On social media, Teigen tends to post images of herself to update fans on her life. One photo was of her new hairdo, and people paid her a major compliment, agreeing that she resembled Khloé Kardashian.

Chrissy Teigen smirking at the camera at a red carpet event.
Chrissy Teigen | David Livingston/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen’s reveals her new look

Many people have a desire to switch things up and go for a different look. Teigen is no stranger to showing off her new things, especially if they make her glow. Of course, the TV personality is not shy about sharing her natural beauty on social media.

According to Page Six, Teigen recently surprised fans with a picture of her changed look. She posted the photo on her Instagram page, and followers got to see her new hairdo. Teigen had gone to a hairstylist named Luke Pluckrose for a bob cut.

Of course, the hairstyle Teigen sports also is blonde. Her fashionable outfit helps draw people’s eyes to her fresh cut. The glamorous photo shows off Teigen’s makeup as well. The makeup products she used came from makeup artist Nikki Wolff. The color she used for the blush helped complement the star’s overall look.

Fans also can see Teigen’s eyebrows. Another recent post revealed that Teigen had her eyebrows done to her satisfaction. Many fans were amazed by how gorgeous she appeared in the image.

Fans react to Chrissy Teigen’s picture

Many people commented about how stunning Teigen looked in her Instagram post. The celebrity is very transparent about how she achieves her image. Several fans thought she looked like someone else because of her beauty regime. Some people believed they were looking at Kardashian at first glance.

“Looked like khloe kardashian when I looked quickly,” one fan wrote in response to the image. A couple of people made quips.

“Anyone else thought she was khloe at first glance?” another person asked in the comments.

While Kardashian’s appearance changes repeatedly, her current one seems to match Teigen’s. Kardashian also sports straight, shoulder-length hair with a blonde color. Some people might find her makeup to be somewhat similar to Teigen’s as well. People who do not know them might think they were related. 

Fans remained fixated on the uncanny resemblance. However, it is unknown what Kardashian’s thoughts are on the similarities. It does not seem as though she has left a “like” or comment on Teigen’s post yet.

Chrissy Teigen is friends with Khloé Kardashian

Teigen has been friends with the Kardashian-Jenner family for years. She has a bond with Kim Kardashian West, and the two attended each other’s wedding. Many fans know that Teigen is close with the younger Kardashian as well.

Fans have found Kardashian and Teigen in a few photos together from time to time. According to Bustle, Teigen knew of Kardashian’s pregnancy with True Thompson before anyone else did. The TV personality was able to obtain personal details due to being friends.

Also, the two of them will comment and joke around on each other’s Instagram posts. Kardashian once uploaded a photo of her daughter as an infant. Like others, Teigen wrote in the comments that the child looked cute.

Kardashian teased back that she was able to “join the play date club.” Since the two are friends, there is a possibility of a play date with their kids.

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