Chrissy Teigen’s Simple Tuna Melt Recipe Is the Ultimate Comfort Food

When you’re craving comfort food, a reliable choice is a toasty grilled sandwich — especially if it has a generous amount of melted cheese inside. Chrissy Teigen has just weathered a year that calls for comfort food, and she makes a carefully crafted tuna melt that fits the bill perfectly. Even better, she shared the celebrity recipe, so you don’t have to be a supermodel married to a superstar singer to enjoy it. 

Here’s Chrissy Teigen’s tuna melt recipe

Chrissy Teigen tuna melt recipe
Chrissy Teigen | David Livingston/Getty Images

Self shared a recipe from Chrissy Teigen’s first cookbook, Cravings, for a tuna melt that she dubbed “ultimate.” She’s pretty confident that it can’t be topped.

“I know my tuna, therefore I make the best effing tuna sandwich,” Teigen said. 

The recipe starts with two cans of white tuna, and since it serves two, that ensures a tuna-packed sandwich. Drain the tuna, and stir in some mayonnaise, diced onion, sweet pickle relish, and Dijon mustard, then shower it with black pepper and salt to taste. 

Next, you’ll need four slices of hearty white bread. Slather a generous tablespoon of butter on one side of each slice. Top the non-buttered side of two slices with the tuna mixture, then drape it with three slices of tomato and three thick slices of cheddar. Top with the last two pieces of bread (butter side out). Toast in a heavy skillet until golden brown on both sides and the cheese inside is melted.

Teigen is known for her comfort food recipes

Teigen shatters the myth that beautiful women only eat salads and drink lemon water. The former supermodel loves to eat, especially hearty comfort food, and she’s not afraid to use a heavy hand with the cheese. PopSugar shared some examples of Teigen’s recipes.

Her indulgent mac and cheese is elevated by topping it with cheesy garlic breadcrumbs. This adds a subtle crunch to the creamy dish, as well as an extra dose of flavor. 

She takes scalloped potatoes to the next level by adding smoky bacon between layers of potato slices. The dish is so good that Teigen says it’s what she’d request for her last meal if she were on death row.

For a fresh take on chicken pot pie, Teigen turns the filling into a hearty, thick soup. She serves it in bowls with a side of crackers made out of buttery pie pastry.

Teigen returned to the spotlight after a cyber-bullying scandal

Clearly, Teigen has a passion for delicious food. Her love of cooking led her to a post-modelling career writing cookbooks and developing a cookware line. 

But then, as The Wall Street Journal reports, Teigen found herself at the center of a scandal that brought her work to a standstill. It came out that she had cyber-bullied Courtney Stodden, a fellow model. Teigen even told Stodden, who was a teen at the time, to kill herself.

In the uproar that followed this revelation, Macy’s and Target dropped her kitchenware line, and many other promotional opportunities dried up. 

After spending some time out of the spotlight, Teigen has slowly returned to public life, saying that she’s been changed by what happened. 

“Without a doubt, I have just lived through a period more transformative than I could have ever imagined,” she said. 

She’s recently released her third cookbook with food writer Adeena Sussman, Cravings: All Together. She’s relaunched her website, Cravings, where she shares recipes and sells kitchen items and even loungewear. Teigen even hinted recently that she may be considering opening a restaurant. 

Whatever the future may hold for Teigen, she will certainly have delicious food along the way. 

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