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He has a reputation as one of the most difficult actors to work with, but Christian Bale is doing something right. His dedication to perfecting his roles, including extreme weight gain, gets results. He has numerous awards, several outstanding and memorable movies, and his pick of parts. But what are Christian Bale’s highest grossing movies? We’re about to find out, and we’ll also look at his net worth and what we know about his wife.

Christian Bale’s highest grossing movies might surprise you

Christian Bale in The Fighter
It’s more of an artistic film, but The Fighter was a box office success for Christian Bale. | Paramount Pictures-Relativity Media

Christian Bale started acting in the 1980s, including a cereal commercial in 1983 and stage productions in London in 1984-85. He didn’t have to wait long for his big break after he transitioned to screen acting.

Bale was 12 years old when he starred in Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun in 1987, and he’s kept busy ever since. You can probably guess the films that top the list of Christian Bale’s highest grossing movies, but some might surprise you.

10. Little Woman (1994)

Adjusted box office total: $102.6 million

9. The Fighter (2010)

Adjusted box office total: $104.4 million

8. Public Enemies (2009)

Adjusted box office total: $114.9 million

7. Shaft (2000)

Adjusted box office total: $115.2 million

6. Terminator Salvation (2009)

Adjusted box office total: $148.3 million

5. American Hustle (2013)

Adjusted box office total: $164.4 million

4. Batman Begins (2005)

Adjusted box office total: $284.5 million

The Dark Knight will top the list of Christian Bale's highest grossing movies for the foreseeable future.
Three of Christian Bale’s highest grossing movies are Batman films. | Warner Bros.

3. Pocahontas (1995)

Adjusted box office total: $287.3 million

2. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Adjusted box office total: $508.4 million

1. The Dark Knight (2008)

Adjusted box office total: $657.8 million

It’s considered one of the worst Terminator movies, but Bale’s Salvation entry made nearly $150 million after adjusting for inflation. Pocahontas is his first foray into voice acting, and it remains one of Christian Bale’s highest grossing movies, according to Box Office Mojo.

Vice, in which Bale plays former Vice President Dick Cheney, needed only a month to reach $40 million after its Christmas 2018 release. It’s on the top-20 of his most successful movies.

Vice gives Bale his fourth Oscar nomination

Gaining weight for Vice came down to eating a lot of pie for Bale, but after years of adding and dropping weight for roles, he finally consulted a professional.

Christian Bale in costume as Dick Cheney in 'Vice', which is among Christian Bale's highest grossing movies.
Bale as Dick Cheney circa 1999 in Adam McKay’s Vice. | Annapurna Pictures

Playing Dick Cheney in Vice helped Bale nab his fourth Academy Award nomination. He won best supporting actor for The Fighter, and he scored nominations for American Hustle and The Big Short. He’s up against Rami Malek, Bradley Cooper, Viggo Mortensen, and Willem Dafoe for best actor at the 2019 Oscars, and Vice has nominations in almost every major category. It might be the dark horse to win the big prize, at least based on the Oscar odds for best picture.

What is Christian Bale’s net worth?

While some actors try their hands at writing or directing, Bale sticks to acting, but that choice makes financial sense. After years in front of the camera in successful movies, Christian Bale’s net worth reaches an astounding $80 million.

Who is Bale’s wife, Sibi Blazic?

Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic, Bale's wife, at the premiere of 'Vice' in Beverly Hill on December 11 2018
Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic attend the Vice premiere in 2018. | David Livingston/Getty Images

Christian Bale spends most of his time in front of the camera, but his wife is the exact opposite. Sibi Bale (formerly Sibi Blazic) started her career as an assistant for producer Jordan Kerner on George of the Jungle and Red Corner. Later, she was Winona Ryder’s right-hand woman.

However, she has one on-screen appearance to her name: She was a stunt driver in The Dark Knight Rises.

“My wife was a stunt driver — she was chasing me through the city in Batman. She was driving one of the cop cars. She can do 180s and stunts and all that,” Bale tells Yahoo Entertainment. “She terrifies me. My wife terrifies me.”

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