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  • Christina Haack shared her antioxidant smoothie recipe in a May 2022 Instagram video.
  • She demonstrated how to make it, putting fruit, milk, greens, and other ingredients in a blender.
  • The HGTV star previously said smoothies are her “favorite.”
Christina Haack, who shared a smoothie recipe, poses for 'Flip or Flop' portraits wearing a blue shirt
Christina Haack | Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

Christina Haack’s smoothie recipe is here. The Christina on the Coast star shared how exactly to make her antioxidant smoothie in a May 2022 Instagram post, calling it “so easy.” And, yes, the HGTV star’s three kids like it too. 

Christina Haack has shared her love of smoothies in the past

Haack’s love of smoothies is well-documented. She’s been spotted sipping smoothies on her various TV shows from Flip or Flop to Christina on the Coast

Over the years smoothies have also made appearances on her Instagram. Haack might be sipping a smoothie in her car or taking a walk with one in hand. Additionally, the TV star hasn’t been shy about sharing just how much she loves smoothies.

“For lunch or dinner, I usually make a smoothie from Cara’s smoothie book,” she once told Cara Clark Nutrition. “These are my favorite ever,” she added, saying she’d “ have them for every meal of the day” if she could. 

Christina Haack’s smoothie recipe calls for fruit, spinach, milk, and more

There’s not much to Haack’s smoothie recipe as she revealed in a video posted to Instagram on May 5, 2022. “Making my fav antioxidant smoothie this morning,” she wrote in the caption alongside a cup emoji. 

“It’s so easy and packs a punch with lots of healthy fruits, veggies, protein from plant-based @careof protein powder and my go-to @naturewise collagen,” she added, saying “Yum! 😋”

“Even the kids love it, too!” she concluded. 

Barefoot, wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and her signature braid hairstyle, she stood at a kitchen island with all of the ingredients neatly arranged in front of her.

The Christina on the Coast star proceeded to put the ingredients in a blender one by one. Meanwhile, Surfaces’ “I Can’t Help But Feel” played as the directions appeared below. 

After putting the ingredients in a blender she blended everything together until, as the directions said, the mixture became “smooth and creamy.” Finally, she divided the liquid between two glasses, added straws, and took a sip. 

Haack’s smoothie ingredients are as follows: 

  • Ice
  • A “generous handful” of spinach
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Banana
  • “Your fav protein powder”
  • Collagen powder
  • Natural peanut butter
  • Milk of choice (Haack uses oat milk)

Haack’s smoothies are often made ahead of time

Christina Haack, who shared a smoothie recipe on Instagram, visits the set of 'Extra'
Christina Haack | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

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The Christina on the Coast star makes the smoothie-making process as easy — and quick — as possible with meal prepping. “I meal prep my smoothies,” she told HGTV before explaining how exactly she does it. 

“I cut up all the ingredients except milk and put in plastic baggies in the freezer or fridge and just throw them and milk in the blender when I’m ready,” she shared. 

“So it literally takes 5 minutes and I have a full meal,” she added.

Christina in the Country is Haack’s latest TV show but judging by her smoothie recipe, she might someday star in Christina in the Kitchen.