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Christina Hall and Ant Anstead have been in a custody battle over their three-year-old son Hudson for several months. The English TV presenter accused the HGTV star of endangering and exploiting their toddler. Shortly after Anstead filed new court documents in their custody case, Hall shared a message on social media about “a**holes” that seemed pointed at her ex-husband. Here’s what Hall wrote and how fans responded.  

Christina Hall and Ant Anstead, who are fighting for custody of their son Hudson.
Christina Hall and Ant Anstead | Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Ant Anstead accused ex-wife Christina Hall of ‘exploiting’ their son

Christina Hall and Ant Anstead divorced in 2021, and they share custody of their three-year-old son, Hudson. In April, the Wheeler Dealers star filed for emergency custody and accused his ex-wife of endangering their child and putting him at medical risk, among other allegations. Hall filed court documents refuting Anstead’s accusations, and his order for emergency custody was denied. 

On Sept. 26, Anstead filed a supplemental declaration saying that only one issue remained in his custody battle with Hall: “whether or not it is in Hudson’s best interests to have his name, image, and likeliness exploited in commercials and he be compelled to appear on Christina’s ‘reality TV’ shows” (per In Touch).

The English TV presenter also accused Hall of exploiting Hudson on Instagram, and he even compared their son to Toddlers and Tiaras star Kailia Posey. Posey, who became the subject of the popular “grinning girl” meme, died by suicide in May at age 16.

Christina Hall shared a message about ‘a**holes’ amid her custody battle with Ant Anstead

On Sept. 29, Christina Hall shared an Instagram post with a caption that seemingly called out Ant Anstead. She posted a photo of herself sitting on her new husband Josh Hall’s lap by a bonfire.

“Tennessee nights ❤️ ? ?. This place has been so good for my soul,” she captioned the image. “When the world is spinning and people are a**holes, this is my safe place. The fall weather, the trees and animals, quiet nights by the fire.”

Hall concluded, “Life is short. Spend it with people who light up your life instead of try to dim it.”

Fans showed support for the HGTV star amid her custody battle

Christina Hall fans seemed to recognize that her Instagram caption was about Ant Anstead. They showed support for the HGTV star in the comments section of her post. 

“Never mind your ex!” wrote one fan. “Keep doing you! We love you! ❤️.”

Another fan commented, “Ignore your Ex. He’s miserable and is determined to make your new life miserable. Enjoy yourselves and your beautiful kids. ?.”

“Wishing you a lot of strength,” said one fan. “Hypocritical of a man who wants the world to know he is such a great dad, to blame you for sharing moments with your child.”

And one fan noted how happy Hall and her new husband looked. “Tennessee + Josh= happy place! …and Happy for you. You look happier than I’ve ever seen you- and I’ve been a fan for a LONG time!”