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Living with Kody Brown hasn’t been easy for Christine Brown. The mother of six hid it well during the early seasons of Sister Wives, but the charade is over, and Christine is telling it like it was. To be fair, it’s taken a long time to get here for Sister Wives fans. In the season 17 trailer of Sister Wives, Christine revealed that being Kody Brown’s wife was “heartbreaking.” 

TLC released an explosive trailer for season 17 of ‘Sister Wives’ 

Season 17 of Sister Wives premieres on September 11. TLC opted to announce the new season in late July with a short, 10-second graphic. The graphic announcement hinted at what fans would see in the upcoming season but stopped short of including actual footage. 

Now, the network has released a full-length trailer on YouTube, and it looks like the Browns’ relationships have deteriorated further. Much of the season will focus on Christine’s decision to walk away from her nearly three-decade-long marriage. That’s not all that’s going on, though. Everyone seems unhappy, and Christine admits, in the season 17 trailer, that she was incredibly unhappy for a long time. Whatever is shown in season 17 of Sister Wives is sure to be explosive, if the trailer is any indication. 

Christine Brown said being married to Kody Brown was ‘heartbreaking’ 

In one clip, Christine Brown speaks frankly about her marriage to Kody. She said that being Kody Brown’s wife was “heartbreaking” for many years. Christine’s admission isn’t exactly new. The fan favorite has alluded to deep resentment several times before. This, however, is the first time that she’s admitted, so bluntly, that she was heart-wrenchingly unhappy for an incredibly long time. 

Christine Brown in a "Sister Wives" confessional.
Christine Brown | TLC/YouTube

Christine went on to say that she signed up to be a sister wife but never intended to be an unequal partner in her family. In previous seasons, Christine admitted to battling feelings of being inferior to her sister wives in Kody’s eyes. The resentment seemed rooted in events that happened decades earlier. 

Where is Christine Brown now? 

While season 17 of Sister Wives will chronicle the complete breakdown of Christine and Kody’s marriage, what will be shown in season 17 is not in real-time. In reality, Christine has been out of her marriage for at least a year. 


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Last summer, Christine opted to list her Flagstaff, Arizona home for sale. It took a bit for the house to sell, but Christine hightailed it out of Arizona with a tidy profit. The mother of six purchased her three-bedroom home for $520,000 in 2018 when the family first moved to Flagstaff. According to Zillow, Christine sold the house in October 2021 for $700,000. 

She quickly moved to Murray, Utah, a 20-minute drive from where the Brown family lived during season 1 of Sister Wives. She purchased a duplex. Since moving to Utah, Christine has traveled extensively, kept her fans updated on her life via Instagram and TikTok, and filmed a web-based cooking show for TLC. What the future holds for her from here on out is anyone’s guess. Still, one thing seems certain; she won’t be moving back to Arizona to rekindle things with Kody anytime soon.