Christine Brown’s Weight Loss: Here’s What the ‘Sister Wives’ Star Has Shared About Her Journey

Sister Wives star Christine Brown, polygamist Kody Brown’s third wife, shocked fans when she announced she is leaving the plural marriage after 27 years. However, recent seasons of the TLC show subtly indicated she was unhappy in the relationship and no longer interested in her spiritual union with Kody.

As fans watched Christine and Kody’s relationship wax and wane over the years, another thing that’s evident is the mother of six’s impressive weight loss. Christine has been open about her journey. Here’s how she got healthier.

Christine Brown is Kody Brown’s third wife

Christine Brown and Cody Brown speak during a confessional recording
Christine Brown and Cody Brown on Sister Wives | TLC via Youtube

The Brown family’s reality show premiered in front of TLC viewers in 2010. The plural marriage of Kody and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, was intriguing to many, to say the least.

Christine is the third wife to marry Kody. She joined the family in 1994. Kody and Christine do not have a legal marriage as he could only be legally married to one wife, Meri, at the time. Christine and Kody considered their union a spiritual one. The couple shares six children between them. Between Kody and the four women, there are 18 children total. 

Fans applauded Christine’s weight loss as she seems happier and more confident

Loyal fans of Sister Wives can’t miss Christine’s impressive weight loss over the years. Fans assumed Christine was working to become healthier in order to impress Kody and save their strained marriage. While that theory did not age well, many viewers want to know how she lost weight.

Fans first met Christine when she was very pregnant with she and Kody’s sixth child, Truely. Screen Rant explains that as a wife and mother of so many children, it was easy for Christine to put her needs on the back burner. She’s spent the majority of her life raising a family with little time to focus on her own needs. 

Fans began noticing Christine shrinking through the 15 seasons of Sister Wives. But the talk blew up recently when she posted a pic of herself looking slim this past January. According to Distractify, Christine finally opened up on her Instagram after a few months.

She said, “I eat for my blood type and work out.” When asked where she learned about this program, Christine said, “Just online. I’ve read about it for years and I just did it. And I love it!” She lists some benefits of her program as living longer, feeling more energetic, and weight loss. 

While Christine did share that she eats for her blood type, the 49-year-old remained vague. She shies away from telling fans what to eat or not eat. Instead, she likes to show pictures of what snacks she currently enjoys, namely apple slices and almond butter. 

Christine Brown says goodbye to plural marriage  

On November 2, Christine announced she was calling it quits with her marriage to Kody Brown after 27 years together. Fans have known for quite some time that she was unhappy with the union.

She and Kody grew apart over the years. It was most evident last season, during the pandemic, as the duo struggled to agree on a treatment plan for their daughter, Ysabel, who suffers from severe scoliosis.

The couple is choosing to stay available and present in each other’s lives as they work together to raise their children and support the other sister wives and their children. Many of those kids consider Christine their aunt as she helped raise them since they were babies.

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