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Fleetwood Mac embodied the quintessential classic rock group, and, according to Christine McVie, they partied as hard as they played. McVie once revealed the most “outrageous” thing she did while partying with the band. Here’s what the most grounded member of the group said was her wildest moment. 

Christine McVie smiles into a microphone during an interview.
Christine McVie | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Christine McVie opened up about Fleetwood Mac’s hard-partying ways

Fleetwood Mac performed and partied hard, including the drinking and drug use often associated with being a rock star. Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks even wore cocaine paraphernalia as jewelry

McVie has described the “little beautiful coke bottles” adorned with “gold, turquoise, and diamonds” she and Nicks wore around their necks (per Far Out Magazine). 

And in a December 2013 interview with Daily Mail, McVie got candid about Fleetwood Mac’s blatant drug use. “When we were in Sausalito making Rumours, the boys would be doing these huge rails of coke while Stevie and I would be in our own place with our little bottles of coke, with tiny coke-spoons that we’d wear on delicate chains around our necks,” she described. “Very ladylike – much more refined – and actually fairly acceptable at the time. Inevitably, late at night the boys would run out and come looking for ours.”

In the same interview, Nicks claimed that she and her bandmates did cocaine while performing on stage. “We thought that’s what entertainers did in order to maintain that level of activity and creativity,” the Rhiannon singer said. 

“Mick had this rotating platform covered with beer-bottle caps full of coke so he could snort away as he was playing,” added McVie. “At least us ladies would slip off stage for a discreet toot.”

Christine McVie revealed the most ‘outrageous’ thing she did while partying with Fleetwood Mac

Singer and keyboardist Christine McVie once admitted the most “outrageous” thing she ever did while partying with the band.

“We all drank a lot and did a lot of cocaine, we partied a lot, I don’t think I did anything terribly outrageous,” McVie told Harper’s Bazaar in March 2019. “Except I once threw a cake out the window which landed on top of [a] taxi.”

Although Fleetwood Mac partied hard, Christine McVie mostly managed to stay grounded. She revealed the nickname Stevie Nicks gave her due to her balanced and rational nature. 

“I was kind of the good girl in the group. That’s who I was,” McVie said. “Stevie used to call me Mother Earth because I was always pretty grounded.”


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The ‘Songbird’ singer has been called ‘the only real sweetheart in the group’

Christine McVie may have thrown a cake out of a window once, but she generally has the reputation of being the most grounded and easiest to work with member of Fleetwood Mac. 

Producer Ken Caillat, who worked with Fleetwood Mac on the Rumours album, later wrote a book about the experience. He said that McVie enjoyed the book, and he called her the “only real sweetheart” in the band. 

“Christine McVie has read the book now, and she told me that she loved it,” Caillat told Smashing Interviews. “Christine said that I brought passion back into the music for her and brought back so many memories. She’s the only real sweetheart in the group. The rest of them are all fighting with each other.”

Mick Fleetwood shared a similar sentiment when speaking about McVie’s return to the group after a 16-year hiatus. “Since she’s been back, I’m already feeling the steadying effect of her presence,” the drummer told Elle. “There is no doubt that there was a void in the chemistry of the band. The band rose successfully to the creative withdrawal, but emotionally … the balance was challenged.”

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