How Christine McVie Felt About Her Ex Getting Remarried at Her Former Home

In 1976, Christine McVie’s marriage to John McVie came to an end. The strain had worn on the Fleetwood Mac couple, and they would no longer stand to be in the same room together. Just two years later, John McVie remarried, and he chose McVie’s former Hollywood home as the wedding venue. Here’s how McVie felt about the wedding and the unusual choice to have it at her house.

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Christine McVie got a divorce in 1976

McVie became involved with Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie before she joined the band. Not long after their wedding, Fleetwood Mac needed a keyboardist, and McVie jumped at the opportunity to perform with her favorite band. Soon, though, playing in a band together while married began to wear on the couple.

“We just reached a point where we couldn’t be in the same room together,” she told Rolling Stone. “We’d probably spent more time with one another than most couples who have lived together for twenty-five years. We had no individuality, no separation.”

McVie felt that for the sake of her sanity, she needed to end the relationship, even though the band was in the middle of their most successful tour yet.

“I broke up with John in the middle of a tour. I was aware of it being rather irresponsible,” she told Rolling Stone. “I had to do it for my sanity. It was either that or me ending up in a lunatic asylum.”

Her ex-husband’s wedding took place at her former home

In spite of the initial acrimony, McVie said she did not harbor ill will toward her former husband.

“I still worry for him more than I would ever dare tell him,” she said in 1977. “I still have a lot of love for John. Let’s face it, as far as I’m concerned, it was him that stopped me loving him. He constantly tested what limits of endurance I would go to. He just went one step too far.”

She also didn’t find it uncomfortable to work with him after his second wedding.

“I didn’t feel weird,” she explained. “I was really, really happy. John, he’ll always have a soft spot for me, as I always will for him.”

Still, she admits that there was something a little strange about the fact that his star-studded Hollywood wedding took place at her former home.

“It maybe was a little odd that he and his new wife bought my old house from me,” she said. “And actually held their wedding in my old house. That was a little strange.”

Christine McVie has a reputation for being the most levelheaded member of Fleetwood Mac

McVie’s relatively calm response to the wedding makes sense given her reputation as Fleetwood Mac’s grounding force. While the others would make up and break up, McVie kept her cool.

“We all drank a lot and did a lot of cocaine, we partied a lot, I don’t think I did anything terribly outrageous,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “Except I once threw a cake out the window which landed on top of taxi. I was kind of the good girl in the group. That’s who I was. Stevie [Nicks] used to call me Mother Earth because I was always pretty grounded.”

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