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Law & Order: Organized Crime star Christopher Meloni, 61, showed off his bare and buff body in a new Peleton ad. The television star stripped down to show off his workout routine. The ad thrilled fans of the television personality, who shared thier remarks in the comments section of the shocking video, calling the actor “Zaddy,” released in honor of National Nude Day.

Christopher Meloni is a star of NBC's 'Law & Order' franchise of shows.
Christopher Meloni | Hippolyte Petit/WireImage/Getty

Christopher Meloni is no stranger to stripping down

Meloni stripping to his birthday suit is nothing new for the actor. He has previously shown off the stunning results of his tough workout regime.

In Aug. 2021. the actor took it all off for the cover of Men’s Health Magazine. In that photo, all that covered his private parts was a large gym wright.

He also admitted to People Magazine in May 2022 that he works out nude in his home gym.

“I work out naked. It’s my gym,” Meloni once said at the 2022 NBC Universal Upfronts.

“And I don’t black out the window,” he added. “And I’m OK with that. My wife [Doris] is not.”

The HBO prison drama Oz fans may recall how Meloni shed his clothes on that series where he played an imprisoned serial killer.

Meloni was shown nude on the show on multiple occasions.

Christopher Meloni’s fans call him ‘Zaddy’ after cheeky clip

In a new Peloton ad, dropped just in time for National Nude Day, the only thing that got a workout other than Meloni in the ad was the blur button.

“Apparently, some people think the way I work out is strange,” Meloni says. “Honestly, I don’t get it.”

As he works out, Meloni discusses how he uses the app, including yoga, cardio, meditation, and jogging.

He wears only white sneakers and socks in the clip.

“I even use the app for running,” he says as he runs through a public park. “Now, does that seem strange to you?”

A dog barks at the actor as a caption reads, “wow, he really does have a great app.”

The ad titillated fans.

“That’s what I’m talking about, Zaddy,” tweeted one follower.

“Just when I thought I couldn’t love him more,” wrote a second fan.

“Me trying to see through the unnecessary pixelation,” penned a third Peloton follower.

“Man, you made Chris Meloni put his assets to good use, huh?” joked a fourth social media user.

The ad gives the nod to Meloni’s history in ‘Law & Order’

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni from the 'Law & Order' franchise on NBC.
Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni | Raymond Hall/GC Images

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Meloni’s Peloton ad closes out with a playful nod to the narration heard on every episode of Law & Order.

“In the Peloton community, users are represented by two separate yet equally motivated groups,” a deep voice intones. “Those who wear pants … and Christopher Meloni.”