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Although fans can’t wait for Christopher Meloni to return as Detective Elliot Stabler in a Law & Order: SVU spinoff, the new venture has been making headlines for other reasons. Dick Wolf, the creator of the series, recently fired a writer from the spinoff after controversial social media posts surfaced. Read on to find out what Meloni has to say about all of this and what the fans are saying in response.

Dick Wolf fired a writer after he made controversial comments

There’s a new Law & Order spinoff coming and it already has a 13-episode order. Meloni will be back as Detective Stabler and fans are more than ready for this new show. Variety reports that Craig Gore, a writer, has been fired from the new spinoff. Gore posted some controversial comments in regards to the curfew in Los Angeles and the protests about police brutality and a call for criminal justice reform.

One of the posts showed him holding a weapon with a caption that said “Curfew…”

He also wrote other offensive comments including: “light motherf****** up who try to f*** w/my property.”

Dick Wolf had this to say to Variety: “I will not tolerate this conduct, especially during our hour of national grief. I am terminating Craig Gore immediately.”

A Twitter user mentioned it to Christopher Meloni

Christopher Meloni
Christopher Meloni | Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

Meloni commented back when a Twitter user mentioned Gore’s comments to him. Apparently, Meloni doesn’t know who Gore is. “Ayy @Chris_Meloni your new showrunner is a proud boy,” the Twitter user wrote to Meloni.

“Truth: Matt Olmstead is my showrunner. I have gotten no word on any hirings. I have no idea who this person is or what they do,” Meloni tweeted back.

Fans respond to the firing


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Fans of SVU responded to Meloni’s tweet back about not knowing Gore. They have since learned that Gore was fired from the series. There were a lot of calls to have Gore fired before the news broke though.

“Welp. Guess you’ll no longer have to worry about finding out. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾,” said a Twitter user after it was revealed that Gore was fired from the upcoming spinoff.

“I saw you guys took care of this. Great job,” someone else said about the firing.

One Twitter user asks how he could be hired nowadays without being properly “vetted,” which is true of any hire really.

“I want to believe you didn’t know him. The people that hired him did. In this day and age, how can someone not get vetted in the media industry?” said a Twitter user.

Reddit was also buzzing about the firing of Gore. “Just imagine what kind of writing this guy had/would’ve done on a police procedural show. Television has influence and I’m glad they got rid of this one,” a Reddit user wrote.

We’ll keep you updated on all the latest when it comes to the situation and the new Law & Order: SVU spinoff.