‘Chucky’: Did Episode 4 Reveal Charles Lee Ray’s Former Accomplice as a Child?

The Don Mancini horror series Chucky not only gave more insight into Charles Lee Ray’s childhood but possibly another movie franchise character. The horror serial killer character turned killer doll has a much more tumultuous backstory than fans imagined. Chucky episode 4 took fans back to Lee Ray’s teen years at a foster home and introduced none other than Eddie Caputo.

Eddie appeared in Mancini’s original Child’s Play movie from 1988. He was Lee Ray’s accomplice for many of his crimes and murders. Not much is known about Eddie’s childhood in the franchise, but Chucky sheds light on how the two characters came to meet.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Chucky.]

Young version of Eddie Caputo in 'Chucky' episode 4 of series wearing striped shirt.
Young version of Eddie Caputo in ‘Chucky’ episode 4 of series | via SyFy

‘Chucky’ episode 4 introduces Eddie Caputo as Charles Lee Ray’s protégé

Episode 4 of the series had more easter eggs, and small tidbits about Lee Ray than fans may have realized. In his teens, Lee Ray lived in a foster home for wayward boys. Everyone sees him as a kind and thoughtful boy who likes to read stories to the other young foster kids. But Lee Ray’s killer tendencies that manifested in Chucky episode 3 stuck around.

When the janitor rubs Lee Ray the wrong way, he decides to enact some needed bloody revenge. Having good relation with the other young boys, Lee Ray shows them the dead body with a slashed throat and his hand replaced with a hook. While two of the boys run away, one boy stays behind to poke at the body. According to Bloody Disgusting and closed captions of Chucky episode 4, the young boy is Eddie Caputo (Ivano DiCaro).

The sudden tie to the original franchise and character creates an even more detailed web of how Lee Ray and Eddie came to meet before Child’s Play. According to Chucky episode 4, the two characters have a long history as friends with similar interests. At the end of the flashback in the episode, Lee Ray leaves the janitor’s hand as a gift for Eddie when he leaves the foster home.

Who is Eddie Caputo in the movie franchise by Don Mancini?

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Eddie (Neil Giuntoli) first appeared in the original Child’s Play movie. In the beginning sequences of the movie, Lee Ray is being chased through the streets of Chicago by a detective. Lee Ray tries to reach the getaway van where Eddie is waiting. But, when the defective shoots Lee Ray in the leg and another police car approaches, Eddie bails on his friend.

In the movie and Eddie’s backstory, he is Lee Ray’s accomplice in many of his crimes and murders. After Lee Ray transfers his soul to the Good Guy doll, he wants revenge against his former partner. He convinces Andy to take him to his hideout, where Eddie is. Chucky disconnects the stove line filling the kitchen with gas.

Hearing a disturbance and worried the police found him, Eddie enters the then armed with a gun. Filled with paranoia, he did not smell the gas and fired a shot igniting the kitchen in flames. As the fire engulfs the home, Eddie dies as well. This is the last time fans ever hear of the character in the franchise until Chucky episode 4.

‘Chucky’ promises the return of many more franchise characters

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Mancini is clearly giving Chucky a lot more exposition with the new series than what was ever explored in the franchise. To help further Chucky’s story, Mancini brings back some of the most recognized characters from the franchise. Eddie is only one on the list of characters fans are excited to see. But if the series follows Lee Ray’s through childhood, Eddie may return in another flashback.

The series’s trailer already hinted that actor Jennifer Tilly would reprise her role in some capacity from the original franchise as Tiffany Valentine. Chucky also teases the return of Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) as an adult and another character from Cult of Chucky. Fans new to the SyFy series will have to explore the storyline of the Child’s Play franchise to understand the significance of these characters fully.