‘Chucky’: Episode 5 Brings Back ‘Cult of Chucky’ Character Nica Pierce

The Chucky series is proving to be a jaw-dropping storyline full of surprises with every episode. Chucky episode 5, “Little Little Lies,” brought back one of the horror movie franchises’ recognized characters. Don Mancini’s Cult of Chucky movie centered around Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif), and she returned for the series.

In the movie franchise, Nica had a major role to play in regards to Chucky (Brad Dourif), and her inclusion in the series opens up a new can of worms and problems for the main characters. Episode 5 only furthers the complex and riveting storyline Mancini creates with the TV series and answers fans’ long-awaited questions.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Chucky.]

Character Nica Pierce in 'Cult of Chucky' Chucky franchise with messy hair
Character Nica Pierce in ‘Cult of Chucky’ Chucky franchise | via Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Nica Pierce makes her debut on the small-screen in ‘Chucky’ Episode 5

Toward the end of the episode, the scene shifts to an unknown location at a motel. Viewers see a young man tied to a chair as two women fondling each other on the bed. Fans of the original franchise soon realize who the two women characters are. They are none other than Tiffany Valentine (Jennifer Tilly) and Nica Pierce. But, Nica is currently possessed by a part of Chucky’s soul. While it may be Nica’s body, the scene is entirely controlled by Chucky, and Nica even talks in his creepy voice.

Tiffany walks out of the room, claiming she is starving for Swedish meatballs. As Nica talks to their tied-up victim, she looks at the bloody knife and goes into a state of shock, and drops to the floor. Chucky’s control over Nica vanishes, and she is reverted to her paralysis state.

Having no idea where she is, Nica starts to panic and notices the tied-up victim. She asks what date it is and if there is a Good Guy doll in the room. Nica explains Chucky killed her entire family and is followed by a series of flashbacks to the movie. Nica tries to free the victim. When the victim hits her, it reactivates Chucky’s control over Nica. Before Nica and Tiffany leave, Nica tells the victim it is best to keep their encounter to themselves and slashes the victim’s throat.

‘Chucky’ Episode 5 answered fans’ question about Nica and Chucky

The Chucky series is better understood if viewers knew the backstory to the Child’s Play franchise. One of the key questions the series set out to answer is what happened to Nica and Tiffany after the end of Cult of Chucky. Chucky uses his famous voodoo ritual to transfer a piece of his soul to Nica. One of the final scenes is Nica leaving the asylum possessed by Chucky.

Chucky episode 5 answered fans’ inquiries and more. According to the episode, Chucky is still successful and inhabits Nica’s body. But, there is still the possibility of Nica regaining control, as seen in the episode. Furthermore, the episode proved that while possed by Chucky, Nica’s paralysis vanishes.

One of the biggest takeaways, besides the return of Nica and the connection to the franchise, is the theory about multiple possessions. Episode 5 also revealed that Chucky once again transfers his soul into another Good Guy doll owned by Lexy’s (Alyvia Alyn Lind) younger sister. This time his name is Tommy.

What does the characters return tell fans about Chucky’s split soul?


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Dissecting the Chucky episode also reveals a detail about Chucky’s possessions. According to Collider, in Cult of Chucky, three different Good Guy dolls terrorized the asylum. By the end of the movie, Nica harbors part of Chucky’s soul. This alluded to the possibility that the soul of Charles Lee Ray can live on in multiple dolls or bodies at once.

While viewers are witnessing the return of Nica and Tiffany in another part of town, Chucky the doll is still alive and wreaking havoc. Chucky episode 5 proved the theory. The best way to describe the plot element is like Voldemort’s Horcrux; each contained a piece of his soul to stay immortal.

According to IGN, “Now that we know Chucky can use pieces of his soul to possess others simultaneously (like Caroline’s new Tommy doll), Jake and his friends may have exponentially more problems to deal with in battling the killer going forward.” Chucky has a lot more in store for fans and possibly the team-up of the possessed Nica and the new Tommy doll. It’s safe to say Mancini is fleshing out Chucky’s killer story beyond the franchise.