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Syfy and USA’s horror series Chucky will return again this fall. NBCUniversal, the owner of both cable networks, announced Chucky Season 3 on Jan. 15. There’s no doubt creator Don Mancini has ideas for Chucky Season 3. The way he left season 2 in the finale suggested a lot of story open to continue, so there are many questions it will have to answer.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Chucky Season 2.]

Chucky sits in front of a Christmas fire
Chuckyh | SYFY

What holiday will Chucky tackle in season 3?

The Chucky series was actually Chucky’s first Halloween. He went trick-or-treating in costume in season 1. Season 2 let Chucky do his own macabre 12 days of Christmas. So what’s left? Easter, obviously. What about a bloody Chucky valentine in season 3? Heck, a Chucky Groundhog Day episode would be fun too. With voodoo involved, it could happen. 

Will Devon Sawa have a 4th role in ‘Chucky’ Season 3?

Devon Sawa played two roles in season 1. Neither of them survived, but he got a new character in season 2, who also died. If Sawa returns for Chucky Season 3, that would set yet another series record.

While we’re at it, we’d love to see Bella Higginbotham return too, but her season 2 character Nadine would be hard to top. 

Can Miss Fairchild protect the kids? 

Jake (Zackary Arthur), Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson), and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) have been through a lot. With many relatives killed in season 1, they were sent away to Catholic boarding school in season 2. In the season finale, Chucky finally killed Lexy’s mom, Mayor Cross (Barbara Alyn Woods). Fortunately, Miss Fairchild took them in. 

At least they’ll stay together, but can Miss Fairchild really keep them safe from Chucky and Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly)? Not to mention GG (voice of Billy Boyd), the recombined Glen and Glenda. Will they all be able to rescue Caroline (Carina Battrick), whom Tiffany took under her wing? 

How big will the ensemble get in ‘Chucky’ Season 3?

The Chucky series has always been great about adding new characters to its mythology, whether they only last one movie or longer. With eight episodes a season, they have room to explore those characters and they’ve set up some potential new dynamics for Chucky Season 3.

Are Kyle (Christine Elise) and Andy (Alex Vincent) safe? As human beings, they deserve some peace, but as characters we hope there’s a reason for them to return in Chucky Season 3. An interesting trio could be GG, Chucky and Nica (Fiona Dourif). They all have unfinished business with Tiffany, but this isn’t an enemy of my enemy situation. Nica rightfully wants to kill Tiffany for torturing and amputating her. Tiffany is still GG’s mom, so they might want to stand in the way of both Chucky and Nica. We’ve gotta wait until the fall to find out. 

Will Tiffany do hard time?

Tiffany had a plan to possess the Belle doll and return to her Bride of Chucky form. Chucky foiled that plan by dressing as Belle himself. So she’s stuck in Jennifer Tilly’s body, while Tilly is now rightfully a suspect for all the murders she committed or aided and abetted. With no new doll to possess, could Tilly be facing the slammer? One can imagine what fun Tilly would have in a prison setting, but also Chucky probably has more devious plans for her.

Are Jake and Devon endgame?

They say relationships based on intense circumstances never work out. That’s for action movies, though. Jake and Devon found each other amid the horror of Chucky’s murder spree. Sesaon 2 was the real test of their love, respect and trust as each had different ideas about how to handle “Good Chucky.” 

The season finale implied they had worked through their trauma and hardship, as any strong couple will have to. Hopefully most don’t have to deal with killer dolls. Still, it wouldn’t be Chucky Season 3 without conflict, so we hope Jake and Devon are strong enough to withstand whatever is coming.

Can Lexy stick with recovery?

One of the most dramatic storylines of Chucky Season 2 was Lexy turning to self-medication to cope with all the trauma. It was a relevant story to any person struggling with trauma and Lind knocked her performance out of the park. One hopes a stable home gives her the grounding she’ll need to face Chucky in season 3 without turning back to drugs. But recovery is a process, not a destination so just knowing it’s there will add intensity to her story.