‘Clarkson’s Farm’: Jeremy Clarkson’s Lamborghini Tractor Cost Him Nearly $55,000

Amazon Prime Video’s Clarkson’s Farm has shown a side of luxury farming few get a glimpse of. When you hear about Lamborghinis, your mind immediately races to fast, glitzy supercars, not tractors, but Jeremy Clarkson makes something as bizarre feel normal.

Jeremy Clarkson in his Lamborghini tractor on 'Clarkson's Farm'
Jeremy Clarkson on ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ | Amazon Studios

The Clarkson Farm’s star might not have a knack for farming, but his taste in pricy items and machines oozes through the screen. Clarkson’s Lamborghini tractor cost him a pretty $55,000.

Clarkson’s Lamborghini tractor made him the butt of jokes

Clarkson didn’t just pop up from nowhere to begin farming on a reality TV show. The star rose to fame as the host of Top Gear and The Grand Tour. Clarkson retired in 2008 and thought of farming as the best retirement venture.

According to Express UK, the 61-year-old thought farming would be easy as “humans have been doing it for 12,000 years.”

Clarkson said that he thought farming involved putting seeds into the ground, letting weather do its thing, and then food automatically grows.

The former TV host thought that with nature taking care of everything for him, he wouldn’t have to do much and might even have time for skiing, so he took it upon himself.

In the show’s first episode, which aired in June 2021, viewers watched Clarkson preparing to undertake this venture. He purchases the necessary equipment, including a cultivator, a seed drill, and a tractor.

Although all these purchases are essential for arable farming, it was his tractor that caught fans’ attention. Clarkson went big on his tractor, splurging on a Lamborghini R8 tractor, rejecting the traditional Massey Ferguson. The tractor cost him a whopping £40,000, which converts to around $55,000 (USD).

Clarkson soon realized that the Lamborghini tractor might cause him mastery problems due to its large and complex nature. Fans roasted the 61-year-old for his naivety and lack of knowledge of farming equipment after the episode aired.

How much was Clarkson’s farm?

Clarkson has had an illustrious career as a multihyphenate. Although he is mainly known as the host of the widely watched, widely popular car show Top Gear, Clarkson has also dabbled in journalism, having worked for publications like Rochdale Observer, Rotherham Advertiser, and Shropshire Star.

He began writing about cars while working at Shropshire Star with vehicles like Fiats and Peugeots before working up to Range Rovers. After 10 years, Clarkson was given a chance to drive his first Lamborghini, which may or may not have influenced his decision to buy a Lamborghini tractor.

With his long career, Clarkson has accumulated an impressive net worth which Celebrity Net Worth estimates to be $60 million. Clarkson’s wealth places him in a comfortable position to afford a $55,000 Lamborghini tractor and a £6 million or $8.2 million farm without putting a dent in his finances.

Is ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ scripted?

As Looper reports, Clarkson’s Farm premiered in July 2020 and has already been renewed for another season. The non-scripted British series documents the effort of Clarkson as he tries to operate a 1,000-acre farm with no prior farming experience.

In the first episode, Clarkson revealed that he bought the farm in 2008 and was managed on contract by a villager named Howard. When Howard retired in 2019, Clarkson decided to take over the farm’s managerial duties making for a fish-out-of-water moment that is TV gold.

The documentary series follows Clarkson as he messes things up more than once, electrocutes himself, and makes losses. However, with the help of a few experts, the former Top Gear head makes it out alive.

At the end of the show, Clarkson reveals that he made only $144 in profit, which stands true to the farm’s name, Diddly Squat, which means “nothing” or “the least amount.”

The show was renewed on July 21, with Deadline reporting that filming had already begun. However, fans will have to wait longer for the new season to return as the show has to film through an entire farming cycle.

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