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Fans love Tamar Braxton for not being afraid to give her honest opinion, but the youngest Braxton sister’s blunt attitude has also gotten her into a lot of trouble. Braxton has famously feuded with everyone from her co-stars at The Real and Chris Brown, but one of her longest rifts is with former RHOA cast member, Claudia Jordan. The two bickered on a late-night talk show they hosted and until now, they never made amends. Jordan and Braxton cleared the air in a new interview on Jordan’s daytime talk show. 

Claudia Jordan and Tamar Braxton
Claudia Jordan and Tamar Braxton via Twitter

Claudia Jordan and Tamar Braxton had a disagreement during their time working together

Braxton and Jordan were co-hosts of VH1’s 2013 late-night talk show Tiny Tonight. During one segment about first dates, the two hosts disagreed over what their ideal first date would be.

Source: Instagram

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While Jordan preferred a more laid back approach to not put too much pressure on two people meeting for the first time and admits that she’d even be open to cooking for her date, Braxton fiercely disagreed. 

“You have to set a standard. You can’t just fall for anything or accept anything because that’s what somebody wanna give you,” Braxton said. “If you don’t have the means to make me feel special, well, maybe you’re not ready to date me.” 

Source: YouTube

Jordan felt that Braxton’s approach was unrealistic and Braxton became offended when she felt Jordan insinuated that she was materialistic. Their argument spilled onto Twitter where more insults were hurled, with Braxton clowning Jordan for being single and Jordan insinuating that Braxton was a gold digger.

Tamar Braxton explains why her relationship with Claudia Jordan went south

While Jordan says that things were awkward between her and Braxton immediately after their on-camera disagreement, Braxton says that it was a conversation that she and Jordan had off-camera that made her disinterested in a friendship. 

Hosts of 'Tiny Tonight'
Hosts of ‘Tiny Tonight’ via Twitter

Both Jordan and Braxton were close friends with Omarosa Manigault. Braxton explained to Jordan on her Out Loud series that the two had a conversation about Manigault during a commercial break that left a sour taste in Braxton’s mouth. 

According to the Love & War singer, Jordan made negative remarks about Manigault regarding how she handled the death of her fiance, Michael Clark Duncan. Jordan and Manigault recently ended their friendship over Jordan’s claims that Manigault spoke ill of Duncan after his passing. Braxton was offended over Jordan’s statements about Manigault, as she herself recently nearly lost her then-husband to health issues.

Source: YouTube

“It wasn’t just about her, it was about the situation for me and it was still raw for me and I was like, ‘Oh my God, why is this girl judging this lady like that? She has no idea how hard that is – losing a spouse, losing your life, having to figure it out, having to figure out family,’” Braxton told Jordan. “I just thought it was inconsiderate. It was just that moment for me that made me disconnect.”

Claudia Jordan and Tamar Braxton agree to move forward

After Braxton and Jordan gave their sides of the story, they both agreed that miscommunication and immaturity led to their breakdown. The two women joked and agreed to move forward, with Braxton saying that she wants nothing more than being able to unite with other women and support one another.

“If we are talking about fighting together then why would I be on this bar cast with this African American woman fighting and arguing with her? I don’t wanna do that,” she said. 

Jordan felt the conversation was long overdue and admitted that she’s excited to move forward in rebuilding a friendship with Braxton.