‘Claws’ Season 3 Episode 9: Desna Made ‘Melba Toast’ and Toby Sold out Roller

Previously in Claws Season 3, Toby tried to kill Desna because he felt like she disrespected Uncle Daddy. However, Toby and Uncle Daddy told Roller the shooter was Clint, who Roller and Desna eventually murdered. Also, Joe and Polly bonded over killing the governor together, and said they love each other for the first time.

Then, the robbery of Bryce’s publisher went awry when he shot and killed Melba’s husband, Mac. However, the casino owner was the perfect person to blame Arlene’s death on, so Ann wouldn’t come after the Professor. Melba had a hard time dealing with her husband’s death, so the Professor told Desna to off Melba, or he would off her.

What does Desna do? Keep reading to find out.

Claws Season 3 Episode 9
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‘Claws’ Season 3 Episode 9: ‘Melba Toast’

The casino owner told her ‘son,’ Dean, that their beloved ‘MacDaddy’ had died. Therefore, she explained to Dean that he needed to compete in the Mahjong Tournament, and donate the million-dollar grand prize in Mac’s name. Unfortunately, Dean lost the final match, and another player won the title.

However, he didn’t care as much because Mac wasn’t there anymore. After a talk with Roller, Dean decided that he should try and get back together with Virginia, his ex-fiancee.

Before the tournament, Desna had the perfect opportunity to kill Melba while she sang to herself in a bathroom stall. However, she froze up and let Melba walk out the door. Even though Desna was determined to complete the mission on her own, she called her girls for back-up.

With a gun to Melba’s back, Desna led the owner out of the casino and forced her into Ann’s van. They drove her to the nail salon, and tied her to the same pedicure chair they found Penelope Van Summers’ body on in Episode 2.

Ann wanted to finish the job because she believed Mac killed her wife; however, Melba told her it was actually The Professor. Ann, upset Desna lied to her again, accused of her getting power-hungry and the other manicurists backed her up.

Desna turned it around and explained to them they’re only in this situation because Ann told her brother about the governor taking bribes from the casino. She then unleashed her fury on Polly and informed the other girls about her falling in love with the enemy, Joe.

Melba then dropped another bombshell on them, telling Polly her new lover is married. Soon after, Dean walked in to find Virginia, and instead found his sister holding a gun to his new mother. Desna then forced Melba to tell Dean the truth, who admitted she and Mac only adopted Dean to receive his earnings after he won the Mahjong Tournament.

Even though the news upset Dean, he still begged his sister not to kill Melba, because he knows how hard it is to shoot and murder someone. Therefore, they decided to buy a hand from Polly’s friend who works at the morgue, Diana, to fake Melba’s death. After they let the casino owner go, she walked in the street backward, mocking Desna, before a truck hit and killed her.

Ann walked away from Desna

After Ann found out who actually killed her wife, she stayed in the salon to finish the plan to kill Melba for Desna. After the casino owner died, Desna talked to Ann privately while the girls went out to satisfy Jennifer’s fried chicken craving.

They danced to one of Ann’s favorite Spanish songs, but the whole time Ann imagined she was dancing with her deceased lover. When she talked to Arlene in her fantasy, the cop told her it would take time to get over her death, but it is possible.

After the daydream, Desna tried to apologize to Ann again. However, the quiet manicurist told Desna she would need time away to heal.

Toby snitched on Roller in ‘Claws’ Season 3 Episode 9

While Bryce, Unce Daddy, and Toby hosted a “sweatabilitation” at the rehab center, Roller walked in and turned on the news. The anchor talked about the discovery of Clint’s body in the lake, and the police are investigating it as a homicide. Toby started to get very paranoid because he knew he was the reason why Roller killed Clint.

After telling Uncle Daddy several times he was going to confess, Toby finally texted the mob boss saying he couldn’t handle it anymore. Uncle Daddy went to the priest he believed Toby confessed to and killed him. He also made Bryce promise not to tell Roller that Toby was the one who shot at Desna.

However, Toby actually confessed to the police and explained to them that Dwayne Beverly Husser, also known as Roller, is Clint’s killer.

To see what happens next, watch the Claws Season 3 finale, Sunday, August 11, 2019, at 9 P.M. EST on TNT!