‘Clueless’: Alicia Silverstone Kept All of Cher’s Outfits, but She Only Ever Wore 1 Thing in Public

There are plenty of reasons why Clueless has become somewhat of a cult classic film. From Alicia Silverstone’s charm to the amazing one-liners, the movie is simply enjoyable from start to finish. But, one thing that really stands out about the movie is the amazing fashion that the film boasts. As Cher is a uber-wealthy teen, she could afford the very best in fashion and the costume designer for the film made sure to take full advantage of that.

Justin Walker and Alicia Silverstone Clueless outfits
Justin Walker and Alicia Silverstone | Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

Superfans of Clueless will note that there are a ridiculous amount of costume changes in the film. This was especially true for Silverstone who played the lead and had an astronomical 64 costume changes. From designer names to vintage finds, Cher’s incredible wardrobe is every fashionista’s dream. Funnily enough, the experience was completely wasted on Silverstone at the time.

Alicia Silverstone wasn’t anything like her ‘Clueless’ character

In a recent interview with Vogue, Silverstone opened up about her experience shooting the beloved film. For the actress, the fashion aspect of the film was completely lost on her. Silverstone was, in fact, clueless about fashion in her real life and was completely disinterested in it. According to the actress, her go-to outfit for an audition was a pair of jeans and a T-Shirt from the Gap. In fact, Silverstone admitted that she couldn’t see what all the fuss was about when it came to all of Cher’s outfits.

But, somewhere along the way of filming Clueless, Silverstone started coming along to fashion a bit. “Well somewhere along the way I fell in love with them all (laughs). I knew they were all pretty! As I was putting clothes on I would think Ooh that’s a really cute outfit… But I also knew none of them made sense in the real world. So what happened was I wore all these things and by the end of the shoot, I felt very attached to them and thought I’d wear them in real life,” Silverstone confessed.

Silverstone got to keep all of Cher’s outfits

When Silverstone learned that she would get to keep all 64 for Cher’s Clueless costumes, she started envisioning how she would make them a part of her everyday wardrobe. But, once she got home, she reverted to her original way of thinking and her general disinterest in all things fashion returned and she never made any use of most of the outfits.


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“Remember all I had were jeans and a green t-shirt, so I thought these clothes were gonna change my life! Once I got home with all the things I just couldn’t even figure out what to do with them because I wasn’t interested again. I looked at them like, who would wear these clothes?” the Clueless star shared.

The cast member never wore her ‘Clueless’ outfits in public again

And Silverstone truly did revert to her pre-Clueless style for a while. In fact, she never wore any of the clothing from the film in public again, with one exception. “The only thing I wore again were the Mary Janes that Cher has. I wore those to my first appearance on the David Letterman show,” the actress confessed. We’re sure that fashionistas around the globe are devastated that Cher’s wardrobe didn’t get put to better use. Cher’s clothes may have been impractical for everyday wear, but they’re certainly fun to witness.