Cole Sprouse Ruthlessly Criticized His ‘Riverdale’ Costar & Fans Are Shook

There’s never a shortage of drama on Riverdale. The popular CW show, which has developed a cult following, follows several teens as they seek to solve the many mysteries that often plague their sinister town. Along the way, the also deal with common teen issues like identity, love, relationships, and sexuality. But as dramatic as the series is, there seems to be even more drama off-screen. One person consistently at the center of said drama is Cole Sprouse.

Riverdale star Cole Sprouse
Cole Sprouse | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImag

On Riverdale, Sprouse plays Jughead Jones, which is one of the main roles. Throughout the series, Jughead develops a relationship with Betty Cooper. Sprouse and Lili Reinhart (the actress that plays Betty) mirrored their on-screen romance and dated for a couple of years until their recent breakup. Despite the pair’s desire to keep their relationship private, their breakup quickly became a social media spectacle.

Cole Sprouse was dating his ‘Riverdale’ co-star, Lili Reinhart

The trouble began when Riverdale fans noticed that Reinhart deleted all evidence of her relationship with Sprouse from her Instagram page. Things escalated when her family members unfollowed him on the popular platform. But, when fans discovered that Sprouse and Kaia Gerber were quarantined in the same location, cheating rumors began to fly. Sprouse hopped on his Instagram story to combat these rumors, but that was hardly the end of things.

Shortly after these rumors, #ColeSprouseIsOverParty began trending on Twitter. Seeing this, Reinhart launched into a Twitter rant about how toxic social media could be. Fortunately, the actress deleted the tweets and the drama died back down. But, Sprouse recently got into a verbal spar with another Riverdale actor on Twitter.

Sprouse trades jabs with Casey Cott on Twitter

Recently, Sprouse was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon sporting a new look. Normally fresh-faced because he’s shooting Riverdale, the 27-year-old appeared on the talk show with a mustache and beard. Seeing his new look, Riverdale star Casey Cott, who plays Kevin Keller on the show, called him out. “Why does he keep itching his awful chin beard during this interview?” the actor tweeted.

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Seeing the hate for his beard, Sprouse decided to fire back to his Riverdale castmate. “That hairy chin said more words in that interview than you did in the last 4 seasons,” Sprouse wrote on his Twitter. Fans of the show had mixed reactions to the comeback. Some people found it was really funny while others felt that Cott was correct about Sprouse’s facial hair.

‘Riverdale’ fans weigh in on the drama

“The difference is Kevin is underrated whereas your beard isn’t,” one person tweeted. “If he’s so sensitive about people making fun of his grotesque facial hair maybe he should shave it off,” another person stated about Sprouse. Other people felt that the Riverdale stars were just ribbing on each other in the way that only friends can get away with. However, fans argued that Sprouse’s comeback was uncalled for even if the pair are friends.

“How vain, even if it was a joke. That’s someone’s income and screen time you’re talking about. He deserves thrice as much as he probably gets. Nice vocals, great actor. Not everyone has a Suite Life to continue eating off of from their past,” one person shared. “Even if they’re friends… Stuff like that is toxic, especially when you never know if anyone has any underlying mental struggles. It’s one thing to do it in person when you can actually see each other’s expressions, but on a public forum like this?” another person added. Who knows if these Riverdale stars were joking or not, but either way Sprouse’s comeback really went for the jugular; pun intended.