Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Dream Appears To Be Over

It has been nearly four years since Colin Kaepernick played his last NFL game. However, that hasn’t wavered Kaepernick‘s desire to get back into the league to play football at the highest level. There just hasn’t been any notable push to allow him to compete for an NFL roster spot. With that in mind, those aspirations have just taken another notable hit.

Colin Kaepernick wants to continue NFL career

The journey back to the NFL has featured plenty of bumps along the way for Colin Kaepernick.

The narrative around his decision to kneel during the national anthem has created a perceived distraction that has kept teams away. It hasn’t been due to his talent, but rather all the other things that come with him off the field. Throughout it all, Kaepernick has continued to voice his desire to play again in the NFL.

That saw a recent uptick in the outside push to see him garner an opportunity to get back into the league due to the recent outcry for social change. Several NFL head coaches such as Anthony Lynn, Mike Tomlin, and Doug Pederson all voiced that Kaepernick should earn a workout.

However, nothing has come about since then, and his hopes to possibly play in the 2020 season just took another major blow.

NFL teams have no interest in Colin Kaepernick

In the time that has passed since the 2016 season, there hasn’t been any notable movement toward Colin Kaepernick getting another shot in the NFL.

Instead, there remains hesitation even after commissioner Roger Goodell publicly pushed for teams to bring Kaepernick in for a tryout. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the 32-year-old hasn’t garnered any interest in the two months that have followed the strong comments from the head coaches.

More than two months later, it hasn’t. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Kaepernick has drawn no interest.

Florio also pointed out there could be some chatter behind the scenes, but from what he’s gathered, there hasn’t been any movement. That alone shows that NFL teams are still holding back from even the thought of bringing him in for a workout. He possesses the talent to be on an NFL roster, but it’s the other things around him that seemingly pushes organizations away.

Will his opportunity come?


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The door is wide open for any NFL team to decide to host a workout with Colin Kaepernick.

It has been repeatedly made clear that Kaepernick still wants to extend his professional football career. His numerous workout videos and much-publicized individual workout from late last year made that notion quite evident. It has been merely the reluctance from teams to provide him that opportunity.

There are several spots around the league where he could land and quickly factor into the competition for the starting job. Kaepernick has been overlooked on many occasions where he was more than qualified to earn a workout to help fill a team’s quarterback need. There have been progressive steps forward taken with the league embracing the push for social change. Nevertheless, it’s the lack of comfort with Kaepernick getting another shot to play that remains in the outskirts.

All it takes is for one team to commit to a workout, but there is no clarity on if or when that scenario could come to fruition. Until then, Kaepernick stays focused on being ready for when that opportunity arrives to prove himself worthy of a roster spot.

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