Comedy Star Adam DeVine’s Tragic Childhood Accident Made His Toe Fall Off in the Bathtub

Best known for providing comedic relief and flexible acting roles, Adam DeVine is a household name. Many fans have watched the comedy star adapt and succeed as a multi-talented actor.

He has received numerous recognitions from critics and fans for his friendly personality and realistic approach to becoming the character. For many, comedy appears to come naturally for DeVine.

However, it turns out to be a tragic childhood accident that piqued his ideas for pursuing a comedy career. Although it was a horrible event, he used laughter to help overcome the pain. 

Adam DeVine has a successful comedy career

Adam DeVine at an award show.
Adam DeVine at an award show. | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV

DeVine began his comedy journey by collaborating with friends in California. Their group, Mail Order Comedy, created YouTube sketch shows, which led to his first major part. 

Workaholics pushed DeVine into stardom with him not only having a starring role but also co-creating and writing the Comedy Central sitcom. DeVine’s friends from the Mail Order Comedy group, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm, also co-created and helped in writing the widely popular show, Workaholics, that kept fans laughing from 2011 to 2017.

DeVine’s large fan base led to his own Comedy Central series, Adam DeVine’s House Party, which ran from 2013 through 2016. 

His success beyond comedy

As Workaholics opened the door for DeVine, he picked up several notable acting roles over the years. Such as his stable character, Andy, in the TV show Modern Family, and starring in well-known films, including Pitch PerfectPitch Perfect 2Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, and Magic Camp. 

Most recently, he was in Jexi and the HBO series The Righteous Gemstones. DeVine’s shark week special has also been a big hit. Beyond his acting career, DeVine and his Workaholics co-stars have a new podcast series.

The series is titled This is Important, in which the stars talk about some of the most unimportant issues Americans are facing today. 

Adam’s tragic childhood accident 

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When DeVine was 11-years-old, a horrific accident ended up being one of the main reasons he dove into comedy. He was hit by a cement truck when he was on his way to a convenience store with his friends.

DeVine recalled the tragic childhood accident, “Three cement trucks were going down the hill and two were coming down at the exact same time. And so after the third one passed going up the hill on my side of the street I walk out with my bicycle and was hit by the cement truck coming down the other side. Taken under the wheel, spit out. Broke everything from my waist down besides my right femur and then crushed everything from the knees down and took it all my skin off.” 

The young actor to be was in a medically-induced coma for two weeks with a collapsed lung, and all his family was upset about the possibility of the doctors having to amputate both legs. Miraculously he fully recovered without the need for amputation.

However, the teenager experienced 26 surgeries between 6th grade and the first year of high school. DeVine recalled in a People article that the accident is what made him get into comedy.

“After that, I couldn’t do anything, anytime anyone would make fun of me, my dad was like, ‘You can’t get into fights so you gotta punch them back with your words, think of some funny things to say back to them.'”

A scare after his accident

After young DeVine was released from the hospital, he couldn’t walk for almost two years. Therefore, his mother had to put him in the bathtub since he wasn’t able to stand in the shower.

In his recent podcast series This is Important, he told a “gnarly” story that happened after his accident. Shortly after returning home, his mother had left him to bathe, and as a curious sixth-grader, he began masturbating in the bathtub. When he finished, he looked down to see his baby toe floating in the bathtub. It had fallen off!

DeVine screamed, and his mom came running in and saw his toe. He quickly told his shocked mom to leave. They had been told that the toe would fall off eventually, but it happened at such an unexpected time.