‘Community’: Annie Edison Is Based on This Movie Character

There were many pop culture references in Community. So it’s not that surprising that some of the characters were inspired by characters in movies. This is true for Alison Brie’s character, Annie. Find out who she is based on and more.

Annie Edison is the youngest character on ‘Community’

Alison Brie as Annie on 'Community'
Alison Brie as Annie on ‘Community’ | Jordin Althaus/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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The show starts with Annie and Troy (Donald Glvoer) starting college right out of high school. She was the youngest student in the study group at 18 years old.

At times she seemed to be the most mature given she was very serious about her studies. However, her weaknesses were later revealed.

We would sometimes get information about Annie and Troy’s time in high school together. She wasn’t popular at all, unlike Troy who was on the football team. Annie also had a nervous breakdown.

The show sometimes joked about Annie’s age. Sometimes it would be mentioned that they don’t try to sexualize Annie because she’s young. The show ended with her being 24 years old and an intern for the FBI.

Dan Harmon wanted Annie’s change to be slow

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The show had a few bumps along the way. But it managed to make it to six seasons. Brie talked about where everyone ended up in the last season.

“I’m trying to think of some pivotal Annie moments this season because really it’s been a lot of group exploration. And nobody has matured very far in the last season,” she told TV Insider. “We never do.”

She later mentioned, “Annie wears pants now [laughs]. That was a big deal in season 5. She’s still wearing them. But I do think that was last year, [creator] Dan [Harmon] was very conscious with my character to start taking her out of the realm of being a little girl and go back to those key Annie characteristics, like her drive to keep the group together. It’s similar this year, although even Annie seems a little more chill.”

She is based on Tracy Flick from ‘Election’

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Annie is young and ambitious. She is also tightly wound, which makes it hard for her to relate to other young people.

Annie Edison was based on Tracy Flick from the movie, Election. Reese Witherspoon played the character. Tracy runs for student government president and her teacher, Jim McAllister (Matthew Broderick) tries to sabotage her.

Harmon reportedly wanted someone who resembled this character, according to the A.V. Club. We often saw both characters wearing sweaters and skirts. So Annie was styled similarly.

We never got to see Tracy Flick’s character again. But there is a chance we’ll see Annie again. The cast reunited at the Vulture Festival in 2019 and they said they would return for a movie. Harmon seemed less sure how to start the process of getting the movie made, according to Deadline.