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This band’s music is more than just alright, cool, or whatever. With a cellist and a unique indie-rock sound, The Happy Fits cement themselves as rising stars, appearing as an opening act for The Maine along the XOXO tour.

The Happy Fits released the upbeat and, understandably, ‘happy’ song, ‘Changes’ 

'Changes' Band, The Happy Fits featuring Calvin Langman, Ross Monteith, and Luke Davis
‘Changes’ Band, The Happy Fits featuring Calvin Langman, Ross Monteith, and Luke Davis | Rahil Ashruff

This trio, composed of members Calvin Langman, Ross Monteith, and Luke Davis, officially ripened in 2018 with the full-length album Concentrate. Recently, The Happy Fits debuted “Changes,” complete with a music video directed and edited by Langman.

“I had this insistence on expressing my love for humanity and the world, but alas, humanity and the world aren’t the ones who are going to change to conform to my liking,” Langman said in a press release. “The future is going to be me, my thoughts, and my feelings about the world changing instead.”

“We are still young and have a lot to learn,” Monteith added. “This song is about growing and understanding that there is no single right answer to living life. We will always continue learning how to live.” 

The band broke into a live version of “Changes” while appearing at The Stone Pony, opening for The Maine along the XOXO Tour. 

The Happy Fits appeared at the Stone Pony along The Maine’s ‘XOXO Tour’

Growing up in Clinton, New Jersey, this Stone Pony performance was a milestone for The Happy Fits — especially because the last concert they played at the venue was a “Battle of the Bands” event… that they lost. 

This time, the trio opened for The Maine, a rock group with years of experience under their belt. By contrast, The Happy Fits has barely scratched the surface of their stardom. Even with millions of (well deserved) Spotify streams, The Happy Fits’ music is somehow more exciting live. 

A singing drummer? A rocker cellist? Despite appearing as the opening act, this band had The Maine’s audience jumping up and down, clapping their hands with “Heart of a Dancer,” “So Alright, Cool, Whatever,” and other originals.

“Make some noise if this is your first time rocking out to the cello,” Langman said as the lights glowed hues of aqua and red. Some audience members made a beeline for their merch table directly after the performance. Langman even returned to the stage to gift the paper setlist to front row attendees.


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The Happy Fits’ ‘What Could Be Better’ Tour resumes in 2022

With an electric (and eclectic) live performance, The Happy Fits live up to their jovial band name, curating a Young the Giant-meets-Two Door Cinema Club sound. Or at least a beachy combination of the two. 

In addition to their support role on The Maines’ tour, this group appears on the second leg of the North American What Could Be Better Tour in 2022, along with Sarah & The Sundays. Fans can learn more about The Happy Fits’ upcoming shows on their website