Constance Nunes Has Earned Her Spot as a Netflix Star

Netflix has been on fire with its slew of reality shows lately. From hits such as Love is Blind to Tiger King, reality shows seem to be the next big thing on Netflix. For gearheads, in particular, one of the more successful reality shows on Netflix has been Car Masters: Rust to Riches. The show focuses on a company called Gotham Garage, and its mission is to restore old cars and then sell them for a profit. One of the key people in Car Masters: Rust to Riches has been Constance Nunes, who is not only the only woman working in the garage but also one of the more qualified people working there in the first place.

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Constance Nunes is a natural-born gearhead 

As Hot Cars said, Nunes was interested in cars from a young age. It probably helped that her dad was a mechanic and a race car driver. Like many kids do, from time to time, she’d help him out in the garage, and all the meanwhile, she’d become more fascinated with the cars that she was working with. 

Her dad didn’t show her any preferential treatment though, according to Hot Cars. She even claimed that one time, he fired her. This means that the skills that she’s learned, she’s also earned. That said, while she became handy with cars, she didn’t want to limit herself to just working at car shops. Hot Cars said that she also spent time as an aftermarket director for various car makers.

Branching out into the world of showbiz

While she was attending one of her dad’s racing events, Hot Cars said that she got discovered by the modeling world. As a model, she worked for a lot of companies, including Kingston Technology and Feral Cosmetics. She also got the opportunity to star in many music videos, including music videos by artists like Enrique Iglesias and Paris Hilton.

On top of that, she also found modeling work when it comes to cars, too. For example, Hot Cars said that, in 2015, she served as a model for Toyota during the Long Beach Grand Prix. Then, in 2016, she even got a gig as part of a Super Bowl commercial for Kia

And, if that wasn’t enough, she even had a few gigs as a stuntwoman for a handful of Hollywood movies. Hot Cars said that she worked on the third and fifth installments of the Bring it On franchise, as well in the Dodgeball movie. While being a stuntwoman wasn’t a big part of her resume, it, along with the rest of her skills, helped make her the big star of Car Masters: Rust to Riches.

Constance Nunes in Car Masters

As Hot Cars reported, one thing that Nunes has been great at all her life has been in restorations. When she was 16, she got a 1964 Ford Mustang that she’d customize and work on in her own time. She called the finished product her Babystang, and it’s become proof of her lifelong love of cars as well as her immense skill set. 

While her Babystang, as well as the rest of her resume, seems impressive, it hasn’t stopped people from hating on her for being the only woman in the show. As Hot Cars said, some people don’t think that she fits the stereotypical image of a gearhead, so they concluded that she wasn’t actually doing any of the work on the show and that she was just there as eye candy. 

Unfortunately for those haters, the truth is simply that Nunes is a gearhead and that she’s as skilled as, if not more skilled than, anyone else in terms of restorations.