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Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan recently moved his studio to Texas following a massive deal with Spotify. However, Rogan has recently been haunted by the spectre of his associations with various people who espouse harmful ideologies and opinions. Rogan recently came under fire following a resurfaced clip of him laughing at an alarming story told by Joey Diaz. He has also been blasted for his association with Chris D’Elia. Rogan, instead of apologizing for what went down or acknowledging the possibility for harm, defended Diaz. Rogan has also hosted a variety of alt-right pundits, including Ben Shapiro and Alex Jones. Now, some of Rogan’s more controversial episodes have allegedly been removed from Spotify. 

Joe Rogan faces backlash for Joey Diaz episode 

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

Joe Rogan often faces backlash for his choice of guests on The Joe Rogan Experience. Notably, Rogan often invites guests who push alarming ideologies without doing much to take responsibility for giving these people and their views airtime. 

A recent example that landed Rogan in hot water comes in the form of a resurfaced Joey Diaz episode. In the clip, Diaz suggests he required women comics to engage in oral sex with him if they wanted any hope of earning stage time at The Belly Room. 

“You think I’m f*cking kidding you? F*ck yeah, you gotta suck my d*ck to get up in The Belly Room. I’m makin’ a call for you. That’s the f*cking gateway for coming into Hollywood, everybody knows that,” Diaz said. 

Diaz went on to share additional disturbing details, demeaning a woman he supposedly “broke.”

“I had this little blonde open mic chick … and just take me up to The Belly Room and suck my d*ck and then go do her set, she was tremendous. She finally freaked out. When she got to Hollywood bro, she was beautiful. But when she left, she had dirty f*ckin’, her nails were dirty. And then she wrote me a letter to The Comedy Store. ‘You c*cksucker you broke me,’” laughed Diaz. Joe Rogan laughed as well.

Rogan made no apologies, and instead went on to defend Joey Diaz for is reprehensible comments. 

Certain episodes missing from Spotify lineup

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

It seems Spotify has also decided that several of Joe Rogan’s guests don’t deserve the air-time the podcast host offered them. 

According to The Wrap, The Joe Rogan Experience episodes starring Alex Jones, Chris D’Elia, and Milo Yiannopoulos are all missing from the lineup. Jordan Peterson’s daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, also claims that her episode is missing. 

What do all of these people share in common? Each one of them is an alt-right pundit who shares ideologies that are dangerous to various minorities, as well as embracing various conspiracy theories. 

“Okay. Getting demonetized from @youtube is one thing. At least they didn’t shut down my channel. However this is COMPLETELY different. ⁣⁣@spotify is NOT uploading select @joerogan episodes including my episode,” complained Peterson on Twitter.

Fans react to the missing ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ episodes


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The Joe Rogan Experience has seemingly been straddling the line between the “neutrality” and “open-mindedness” Joe Rogan pretends to espouse and becoming a soapbox for conspiracy theorists and alt-right pundits. 

However, many fans feel irritated with Spotify for censoring episodes, and Joe Rogan for allowing it to happen. 

“Spotify censoring or straight removing certain older episodes of @joerogan’s podcast is pretty messed up,” wrote on fan on Twitter.

“Well, I guess that whole ‘Joe Rogan is moving his podcast to Spotify to avoid pesky censorship’ narrative didn’t take long to age terribly, huh? Big yikes,” tweeted another fan.