This Controversial Moment From Derick Dillard Proves He’s a Hypocrite

Derick Dillard married Jill Duggar back in 2014 and was the first husband to marry into the Duggar family. However, since he became a member of the Duggar family, fans haven’t always appreciated all of his controversial comments and interesting remarks. Some of his behavior reportedly caused him to be fired from the show. But his wife, Jill Dillard, recently revealed (accidentally) that her husband is actually a hypocrite.

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar, and their two kids

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar, and their two kids | Derick Dillard via Instagram

Derick Dillard has made several comments on social media that have not gone over well with fans or TLC network

Dillard tends to run his mouth on Twitter, and on a few occasions, it has come back to bite him. In 2017, Dillard tweeted controversial comments about TLC star Jazz Jennings. Dillard suggested that TLC was making money off a reality show that wasn’t reality, because according to Dillard, transgender isn’t real. TLC did not like the comments, and neither did fans of Jennings’ or Dillard’s. Dillard was reportedly fired from the show over the remarks, but he claims he left on his own terms. He made further comments about Jennings in 2018 and said TLC was using her and that he felt sorry for her. He also posted homophobic tweets about Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus, who star on Nate & Jeremiah By Design.

In 2016, he tweeted that Santa isn’t real

Dillard also found himself in a Twitter controversy back in 2016, when he tweeted that Santa isn’t real. Dillard tweeted, “Hey kids, Santa isn’t real!” The tweet did not go over well with many of Dillard’s followers. While most children who believe in Santa are too young to have a Twitter account, it doesn’t mean Dillard wasn’t still trying to ruin Christmas for young children. The Duggar family doesn’t allow their children to believe in Santa, and that has been said before on their show. While it’s fine for the Derick and his wife to raise their children as they please, it is not fine to ruin the idea of Santa for children who do believe.

But a recent video shows Dillard believed in Santa as a child

A video posted by Jill Duggar of her husband sitting on Santa’s lap and asking for Christmas gifts recently went viral. And while Jill saw it as funny, fans and critics alike saw it as entirely hypocritical. The video shows that Dillard believed in Santa as a child and thought the man in the red suit would bring him what he wanted for Christmas. However, when he got older, he tried ruining Santa for younger children.

Those who follow the Duggars found it despicable that Dillard would be allowed to believe in Santa at a young age yet contradict his childhood views by tweeting out such a stinging fact. While Santa may not be real, it doesn’t give any adult the right to ruin the belief for a child. Of course, if Dillard doesn’t want his own kids to believe, that’s fine. But not many people found the Santa video humorous considering Dillard is so staunch in his opinions today.

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