Will the Coronavirus Postpone the Filming of ‘Survivor’ Season 41? — Plus, New Spoilers for the Cast of 41 & 42

Survivor Season 40: Winners at War is currently airing on CBS Wednesdays, but avid fans are always looking forward to what’s coming next. The next season is set to begin filming in April; however, with the coronavirus spreading globally, fans are getting worried that won’t happen.

Let’s take a look at if season 41 will be pushed back due to the coronavirus as well as a few new spoilers for the next season of Survivor.

[Warning: Survivor 41 & 42 casting spoilers ahead]

Total Cases in the U.S.
Total Coronavirus cases in the U.S. as of March 6, 2020 | Samuel Corum/Getty Images

When and where will Survivor Season 41 be filmed?

Survivor used to travel to various warm locations all over the globe in places such as the Amazon, Samoa, and Nicaragua. However, since season 33 in 2016, Survivor has filmed in the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji. 

“Filming dates are tentative for the next two seasons,” according to the CBS Survivor casting FAQs. “They will be the end of April for Survivor 41 and the first week of June for Survivor 42. The time commitment for filming and travel is about 46 days.”

The filming locations were varied more back in 2000 when the show began. However, as the seasons went on, it became more difficult to find other places due to varying factors such as, “the economy, population, political unrest, and weather patterns.”

“I hope we stay here forever,” Probst told Entertainment Weekly. “Fiji offers us everything that we want. Incredibly beautiful water that you can see down 30 feet, beaches that are amazing, a government that is working with us, local labor that loves to say ‘Bula!’ every day because they’re just happy you’re here.”

Does the Coronavirus (COVID-19) threaten to pushback the filming of ‘Survivor 41’ in Fiji?

As of Mar. 4, 2020, there were no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Fiji. However, they are closely monitoring four individuals who are in isolation while they await test results, according to a media release

“How will the worldwide spread of COVID19 affect the filming of S41 and S42?” asked one fan on Twitter.

One of the patients that is experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus was flagged during a screening at the Nadi airport in Fiji after traveling from the United States. The airport began thermal screenings of all inbound passengers on Monday, Mar. 2, 2020.  

With the precautions that the Fiji ministry is taking, it looks like the filming could continue as long as all of the cast and crew undergo the thermal screenings when entering the country. However, if anyone traveling with the cast/crew is flagged, the entire production might end up in isolation. At this point, we will have to wait and see if filming continues as planned for late April 2020.

Here’s what we know so far about the ‘Survivor 41’ cast

“Casting is now wrapped for seasons 41 and 42,” Survivor spoiler Martin Holmes tweeted Friday, Mar. 6, 2020. “Good luck, newbies!”

When asked if there were going to be all new individuals cast in both seasons, Holmes said, “Yes.”

So, all we know is that following season 40 full of past winners; the next two seasons will include only fresh players. 

Survivor 40: Winners at War airs Wednesday at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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