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The CW hopes to continue its slate of drama shows with Season 4 of Coroner premiering in the fall of 2022. The police procedural and staple of Canadian Broadcasting Company television started in 2019. The CW purchased the American rights to the show in May of 2020 following the show’s first season.

Season 4 of ‘Coroner’ continues the sleuthing of Jenny Cooper

Season 4 will premiere on the CW in the fall to bolster its recent acquisition of several shows, including Family Law, Leonardo, and Professionals, notes CBS News. All of these shows are slated to start new seasons as Nexstar Media Group’s purchase of the network happened in the background.

Based on the hit series of novels by M.R. Hall, Coroner follows newly appointed coroner Dr. Jenny Cooper, characterized by Serinda Swan (Smallville, Chicago Fire) as she attempts to solve mysterious deaths around Toronto. Adding to the emotional weight of the show: Jenny was recently widowed as the show premiered.

Her grief continues in Season 4 with every new death she investigates. Fans have seen Jenny progress through her childhood traumas, anxiety, and grief as she navigates her personal and professional life.

While Jenny is on sabbatical at the beginning of Season 4 in an Airbnb rental on a farm in the middle of nowhere, her work is being upended by a temporary coroner running the office. A new character, Dr. Elijah Thompson (Thom Allison), makes things difficult for Jenny’s subordinates and they can’t wait for her to come back.

Unlike Jenny, who lets her staff do their work, Elijah is more about following the book. How much will these two get in each other’s way once Jenny returns to the office?

Jenny Cooper (Serinda Swan) and Mac (Roger Cross) exchange theories on the Coroner
Coroner stars Serinda Swan and Roger Cross | Steve Wilkie

Professionally, detective Donovan McAvoy, played by Roger Cross, wants to get back in the swing of work after taking four months off to recuperate from spinal surgery. He’s got a lot to prove that he can handle the job, especially to his partner, Malik Abed (Andy McQueen). His girlfriend Kirima, played by Sarah Podemski of Reservation Dogs, wants him to take it easy.

Meanwhile, Jenny’s personal life isn’t the best in the world. Ross, Jenny’s grown son (played by Ehrem Kassam), is at home helping his grandmother Peggy care for his grandpa, Gordon. No wonder Jenny wants to get away from it all. Jenny’s home life was the best growing up.

Season 3 was an emotional roller coaster

The body count kept rising for Jenny in Season 3 of Coroner with plenty of intrigue and weird deaths happening around Toronto and keeping the coroner’s office busy. Deaths on the show are just as diverse as the settings in which they occur, reports IMDb.

One episode shows Jenny questioning the effectiveness of her own therapy when a dead body appears in the elaborate maze of a retreat center. Later on, in Season 3, she has to find out what caused a death at a haunted house.

The crux of the third season rides on the Browning murders, which Jenny must solve quickly before more people fall victim to a mysterious tapeworm infection that turns ordinary folks into mass murderers. By the end of the Season 3 finale, Caleb Browning almost walks back from the cliff of insanity.

Instead, he stabs Liam Bouchard, Jenny’s on-and-off boyfriend (Éric Bruneau), and traps him in a dark, abandoned room. Before Jenny can get medical attention, Liam slowly bleeds to death in front of his love before talking to Jenny about the regrets in his life.

New showrunner is ready for Season 4


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Adriana Maggs, the new showrunner for Season 4, is excited to highlight the resilience of Jenny this year. 

In speaking to TV-Eh, Maggs stated fans will see Jenny try to rebound from all of her heartbreaks over the past three seasons. “Just because you’re going through a pandemic doesn’t mean that you’re going to stop being a coroner and people aren’t going to get killed and you’re not going to have to figure these mysteries out.”

Dr. Cooper has had to endure her husband’s death, her new boyfriend’s death, the repressed trauma surfacing that she killed her little sister in a freak accident when they were kids, and the return of her mother who abandoned the family for decades.

Top that off with the real-life pandemic that also made an appearance in Coroner, and fans can understand why Jenny has had a lot to deal with in just three short seasons of character development.

When will ‘Coroner’ Season 4 premiere on the CW?

Look for this show to return on Oct. 2, 2022, according to TV Guide. The show has the potential to do well on the CW, as it has a 60% score on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.1 stars out of 10 on IMDb. 

It received several Canadian Screen Award nominations.