Could Royal Baby Archie Ever Be King?

The royal family seems to only keep growing. But over the years, the hierarchy has changed quite a bit. As new families expand, other families fall further down the line to rule. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their first son Archie back in May. He’s just as much of a great-grandchild to the queen as Prince George, but the two young royals have very different roles. Could Archie ever be king?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Archie
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Archie | Reuters/Toby Melville/Pool

The current royal line of succession sees Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George

Right now, Queen Elizabeth still shows no signs of slowing down. But because she is 93, the future kings are already looking toward someday ruling. Right now, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George will eventually rule. Of course, there are things that could happen that would prevent that, such as a death or abdication, but those situations are unlikely. The person to rule after George most likely isn’t alive yet; should he marry and have children, his first born will rule. Should he not, Princess Charlotte would be next in line.

Prince George might be the future king, but he’s still having fun.

As William’s family expands, Harry’s family falls down the line

William’s family continues to grow; he and Kate Middleton currently have three children, but as those children grow up, marry, and start families of their own, William’s family will continue to expand. This means that Prince Harry’s family will continue to fall in the succession line. Should George have children, Harry and Archie will only move even further down. Right now, Harry is sixth in line to rule (behind Charles, William, George, Charlotte, and Louis), while Archie is seventh. But technically, he could one day take the throne.

Archie could technically someday rule, but the chances are very slim

Archie is currently seventh in line for the throne, so a lot would have to happen in order for him to rule. The only way Archie could potentially see the throne were if something tragic were to happen to William’s family. Essentially, Harry would have to take the throne, which would only happen if William and all of his children were to be incapable of ruling. Then, should Harry take over, Archie would be next in line behind him. While anything is possible, with Archie seventh in line, the chances are extremely slim that he will ever be king.

Queen Elizabeth II was never supposed to be queen

Though Archie probably won’t rule, it’s important to never say never. Surprisingly, Queen Elizabeth was never supposed to be queen. When she was growing up, she was the royal equivalent of Princess Eugenie; her grandfather was king and her uncle was set to rule. However, Prince Edward, her uncle, opted to abdicate the throne so that he could marry the love of his life. With that, the queen’s father became king, and she was suddenly next in line to rule. The queen was only in her mid 20s when she took the throne, though her whole life, she never suspected she’d rule. With that, we most likely won’t ever see Archie be crowned king, but we can’t rule it out.