‘Counting On’: Abbie Grace Burnett Broke One of the Biggest Duggar Family Traditions When They Welcomed Baby Gracie

Jinger Duggar isn’t the only rebel in the Duggar family. Despite a strictly religious upbringing, Counting On stars John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett have also defied a few of his family’s rules over the years. But the couple may have broken the one of the biggest Duggar traditions when they welcomed their first baby at the beginning of 2020.

Abbie Duggar and John David Duggar
‘Counting On’ stars Abbie Grace Burnett and John David Duggar | John and Abbie via Instagram

John David and Abbie break his family’s rules

Jinger has always been considered the rebel in her family, but John David and Abbie seem to be following in her footsteps — a move that probably isn’t sitting well with his father, Jim Bob Duggar.

When they were courting, for example, John David and Abbie violated several of Jim Bob’s strict protocols. The Counting On stars also waited longer than usual to tie the knot (a whole four months). For the Duggars, they usually don’t waste any time after the engagement to get hitched.

To make things even worse, John David and Abbie did not get pregnant right after they exchanged vows. Instead, they had the nerve to wait almost a year before they announced their first pregnancy.

John David and Abbie confirmed that they were expecting a baby at the beginning of August. The couple gave birth to their first baby, Grace Annette Duggar (Gracie), on January 7, 2020.

How did John David and Abbie rebel against Jim Bob?

When John David and Abbie discovered they were pregnant, they opted to go against a Duggar family tradition. As Counting On fans are well aware, members of the Duggar clan usually give birth at home.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, John David and Abbie welcomed their first child in the comforts of a hospital. In a recent online segment of Counting On, fans watched as John David rushed his wife to the hospital as soon as she went into labor.

Giving birth in a hospital is not out of the ordinary for most people, but it is a big deal for the Duggars. We don’t really know why Jim Bob prefers his daughters to have babies at home, but it seems to be a part of his long list of Duggar family rules and traditions.

The decision to have Gracie in the hospital is yet another example of how John David and Abbie are carving their own way in the world. It also gives viewers hope that not all of Jim Bob’s children will follow in his footsteps.

John David and Abbie open up about parenthood

John David and Abbie have only been parents for a couple of weeks, but it sounds like they are already getting the hang of their new lives.

In a recent interview, the Counting On stars admitted that being parents to a newborn has not been easy. Along with all the restless nights, the two have been forced to change their routines entirely.

Despite these challenges, John David and Abbie assured viewers that they love Gracie very much and could not be happier that they have welcomed a healthy baby girl into their lives.

“We are settling into our new routine of life, which has included a few long nights as Gracie is still trying to figure out the difference between day and night!” the couple shared.

The two added that they have received a lot of advice from their families, who have been very supportive throughout the pregnancy.

John David and Abbie announced Gracie’s birth on social media a few weeks ago. The Counting On stars confirmed that their baby girl was in good health and that they could not wait to start the journey of parenthood together.

The Duggars meet Grace

While John David and Abbie did not have a home birth, the Duggars visited the couple shortly after Grace was born.

Abbie endured a 36-hour labor, though an epidural did help her deal with the pain. Even Abbie’s sister-in-law, Jessa Duggar, said that she was going to get one the next time she has a baby.

After Abbie and John David returned to their house, most of the Duggars swung by to visit them. This includes Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, both of whom seemed very proud to expand the Duggar clan once again.

TLC has not revealed when the new season of Counting On will premiere. John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett’s birth was featured in a web series special for the show.