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Jessa Duggar, who married Ben Seewald in 2014, is working hard to make a name for herself on YouTube. The TV personality, best known for her family’s show, Counting On, has been uploading wholesome videos for the last month. With a growing subscriber count, Jessa could take her finances into her own hands with YouTube, but did you know, the mother of three reportedly had a less-than-wholesome moment at her wedding? In fact, people who claim to have been invited to the wedding called the moment downright scandalous.

Jessa and Ben didn’t kiss in public at their wedding

When Jessa and Ben first met, she was the first Duggar girl to enter into a courtship. Her sister, Jill Duggar, wouldn’t be far behind. While Jessa and Ben were together for longer before getting engaged, Jill managed to beat her younger sister down the aisle. Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, shared an awkward kiss at the altar before running off together down the aisle. Jessa made a different choice.

Now a mother of three, Jessa was a bit camera shy when it came to kissing at first. Instead of sharing their first kiss on the altar, as is tradition, Jessa and Ben ran out of the church for a more intimate moment together. They shared their very first kiss, alone in a side room. While fans mainly thought it was sweet that the pair decided to keep their first kiss private, there may have been a scandalous reason behind the decision.

They were caught by a sibling getting handsy

Rumor has it that Jessa and Ben may have been caught in the act in their private “kiss room” shortly after they were pronounced husband and wife. According to Radar Online, a wedding guest took to a blog post in 2014 to share some dirt from the event. In the post, the user, who went by the name “Mary B.” claims that her daughter, along with several other girls, went to get Jessa for the reception. When Jessa’s sister, Jinger Duggar, opened the door to retrieve the couple, she was allegedly shocked and closed the door quickly.

The damage, however, was done. Several girls reportedly saw the couple getting down and dirty. What they were doing in the room is anyone’s guess, but several media outlets have suggested they took to the private room to have sex before joining their guests at their reception. Were the pair actually consummating their marriage right inside the church where they wed? It’s hard to say.

Several reported onlookers have different stories and the rumors reportedly spread through the reception relatively quickly. It’s possible the pair were getting down to business when Jinger walked in, but it’s equally likely that they were just getting a bit handsy with one another. Jinger, Jessa, and Ben have never commented on the incident if it actually happened.

Why can’t the Duggar kids kiss before marriage?

The Duggar family is known for its very conservative values. The way they date is also pretty strange to those who are a part of mainstream society. Instead of traditional dating, the Duggar kids take part in courtships. In short, courtship is “dating with a purpose,” meaning most of the time, those courtships end in marriage. As of now, only one Duggar kid has had a failed courtship, at least that is known to the public.

Because they believe that God has “one true love” for them, they put off all physical contact until they are engaged, and don’t believe in kissing until the wedding date. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar insist all of the kids make their own rules when it comes to dating, every single one who has been involved in courtship has chosen to share their first kiss after they are legally man and wife. Once they are married, though, things can apparently get pretty steamy.