‘Counting On’: Anna and Josh Duggar Look Like They’ll Be Staying In The Duggar Family Warehouse Long Term

It has been about a year since Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna Duggar, sold their farmhouse. The family of eight packed up their belongings and headed back to the Duggar family compound after selling the home for $285,000. Since then, they’ve been pretty evasive about where they are living, but family followers surmise they currently reside inside a warehouse on the Duggar family’s expansive property. It doesn’t look like they’ll be moving out of their warehouse abode anytime soon, either. Anna Duggar took to Instagram to share some home renovations, and family followers now believe the couple and their six children will be staying put for a while.

Anna redid her kitchen backsplash

Anna took to Instagram to share some home improvement projects she’s completing during self-quarantine. The mother of six told her audience that she’s been busy online shopping, spring cleaning and renovating her living space. Apparently, she’s most excited about the kitchen backsplash she recently installed.

Anna shared a photo of her “coffee nook” with a new, tile backsplash. She also took to her stories to share a link to an online store she’s been heavily shopping recently. Anna told her followers that aside from the backsplash, she also installed shelving to keep some of their pantry staples neat and organized. The home improvements are great and all, but family critics note the updates suggest Josh and Anna will be living in the warehouse for a while, and no one can figure out exactly why.

Why are they living in the warehouse?

Josh and Anna’s move, back in the summer of 2019, was rife with mystery. The duo sold their home without another house to move into, but it shouldn’t take the family more than a year to find a viable property. After all, Jim Bob has a pretty extensive real estate portfolio, and he’s been pretty busy gifting homes to his children. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald purchased a home from Jim Bob’s collection, as did Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth.

Josh and Anna also cleared a pretty penny on the farmhouse they sold. The duo purchased the property for just $55,000 in 2015, according to Zillow. They flipped the home for $285,000, which, while less than what they were initially asking, still netted them more than $100,000 in profit after renovations were factored in. So, with $100,000 available to play around with, why haven’t they bought another home?

While neither Josh nor Anna have publicly stated why they sold their house, family critics have theorized that Josh is in serious legal trouble. Josh is believed to be at the center of a Department of Homeland Security investigation. He is also currently in the midst of a lawsuit over a bad business deal. Josh has been accused of illegally purchasing a tract of land. The family has not commented on either situation. The Department of Homeland Security has not offered any updates since November 2019, when they confirmed that they were on hand at a Duggar owned property.

Anna and Josh aren’t the only Duggar couple living on Jim Bob’s acreage

While Josh and Anna may be living on the property for legal reasons, they aren’t the only Duggars who call the acreage home. Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra Caldwell, also live on the property. Shortly after they married, a cottage was moved onto the land for the duo. They have been living there ever since, even as their family grows and expands.

The Duggar property also has several outbuildings, including at least one guest house. The warehouse, where Josh and Anna are believed to be living with their children, was partially finished when Ben was courting Jessa. It, however, seemed to sit untouched, once Jessa and Ben married, at least until Josh and Anna reportedly moved in. It is not known how long they’ll stay. However, the renovations suggest they are planning to lay low on the property for, at least, the foreseeable future.