‘Counting On’ Critics Mock Jana Duggar For Showing Her Knees In Recent Photo

The Duggar family has a lot of strict rules, and Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar implemented regulations about how their daughters can dress. The kids have to follow these rules until they’re married, where the headship role then switches from their father to their husband.

These days, some of the married Duggar daughters have branched out with their outfits. But Jana, who remains unmarried, is still following her parents’ dress code. And critics of the show recently mocked her for showing her knees in a photo.

Jana Duggar, far left, with three of her sisters
Jana Duggar, far right, with three of her sisters | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar sheltered their kids growing up

When the Duggars started raising a family, they implemented some rules their kids would have to follow — and there is a long list. The Duggar family is very religious, so everything they do is meant to benefit their relationship with God. For this reason, the Duggar kids were kept on a tight leash. They were not allowed to listen to mainstream music or dance, since it could promote promiscuity.

The kids also couldn’t freely browse the Internet. And Michelle Duggar homeschooled all of the children so they could incorporate religion into their daily education. Plus, not attending school meant they couldn’t join any sports teams, and their friends all shared the same religious backgrounds.

Their daughters are only allowed to wear specific clothing

Michelle and Jim Bob only let the kids wear very specific clothing. While the sons were more free to dress themselves, the daughters were not allowed to show anything that could be “dishonest” to men. Meaning, tight pants or exposed body parts (such as low-cut shirts or tank tops) were prohibited.

The Duggar daughters were only allowed to wear long skirts or dresses; pants on their own were not allowed, and only tops with sleeves could be worn. If the dress was deemed too short, the girls could wear pants underneath it.

Jana Duggar just showed her knees — and critics noticed

Jana Duggar is 30 and still living at home, which is normal by today’s societal standards but very uncommon for the Duggar family. But Jana doesn’t seem to mind her lifestyle, though fans noticed that she still has to obey all of her parents’ rules. Jana just posted a photo where she’s squatting down near her garden, and critics had a field day on Reddit with how much of her knees were showing.

Jana’s knees are clearly visible in the photos.

“I see knees!!!!! I am SEVERELY defrauded,” one user wrote. “I saw this and audibly gasped,” someone else said. “Has she ever worn a skirt or dress without pants before? This is shocking!” another person commented. (It should be noted that, in the warmer months, Jana does wear dresses without pants underneath.) “This from the girl who photoshops longer skirts on others,” someone added, referring to Jana’s Photoshop mishap a while back.

If Jana remains unmarried, she might never outgrow her parents’ rules

Michelle and Jim Bob’s rules apply to anyone who is living under their roof. And if Jana continues to do so, she will likely never outgrow the strict dress code. In many ways, Jana seems content with not marrying and instead being the fun aunt. But certainly she must wish she had a little more freedom, right? We can’t know for sure, but this photo might also be a sign that her parents are easing up on her a bit. Probably not, though.