‘Counting On’: Danica Dillon, One of Josh Duggar’s Alleged Sexual Partners, Insists She Didn’t Lie About Her Sexual Encounter

Josh Duggar was disgraced back in 2015 when reports that he molested several of his siblings surfaced. It wouldn’t be the only scandal the 32-year-old father of two would weather that year, though. Josh was also wrapped up in the Ashley Madison scandal, and at least one woman came forward to tell the terrifying details of her sexual encounter with Josh. Five years later, Ashley Johnston, who is best known by her stage name, Danica Dillon, has once again stepped forward. While the Duggars have long suggested she lied about her encounter, Johnston sticking to her story, and the details are stomach-churning.

Ashley Johnston stepped forward and confirmed that she had a sexual encounter with Josh Duggar in 2015

Johnston stepped forward shortly after the Ashley Madison scandal to identify herself as one of Josh’s sexual encounters. Then working in the adult entertainment industry, she said she had met Josh while working at a Philadelphia strip club. According to her statements, Josh paid for several lap dances before asking her to meet him in a hotel room. She eventually acquiesced, and a terrifying sexual encounter ensued.

According to Johnston, Josh was incredibly rough for the duration of their encounter. She claims that he spat on her, choked her, and called her derogatory names during the meeting. According to Johnston, he paid her for the 90 minutes they spent together by throwing money on the nightstand before storming out of the room.  

Johnston went on to sue Duggar for damages, citing physical and emotional distress. According to Radar Online, the lawsuit was eventually settled out of court, although the details of that settlement remain unknown. Johnston is reportedly barred from discussing it.

Ashley Johnston is speaking up about Josh Duggar five years later

Five years after the incident occurred, Johnston is once again speaking out about the encounter. No longer involved in the adult entertainment industry, Johnston sat down with The U.S. Sun for an exclusive interview. The mother of four told the publication that the encounter she had with Josh Duggar continues to haunt her, but she’s more troubled by what the Duggar family wanted her to do in the wake of the allegations.

Back in 2016, Johnston wanted to drop the lawsuit. The media coverage appeared to be taking a toll on her mental health, but Josh refused to allow her to withdraw her claim. His counsel told her that Josh would only agree to drop the lawsuit if Johnston was willing to say she lied about the incident on her social media pages. The publication notes that Josh’s counsel made it clear the apology would need to be maintained on the social media pages for as long as the profiles existed.

Josh Duggar continues to claim he never met Johnston; she insists she did not lie

The Duggar family and Johnston settled their lawsuit out of court. While the details of the settlement are unknown, Johnston didn’t agree to say she lied. Now a college student, Johnston maintains that she did not lie about the encounter and that she had several witnesses who could corroborate at least part of her story. She has long maintained that several other people working in the club saw Josh on the night the first encounter occurred.

If that’s the case, then Josh’s proclamations that he had never stepped foot in the Philadelphia club and that he had never met Johnston are lies. Since the day Johnston stepped forward, Josh has claimed he had never even met the adult entertainer. He insists he was also not in the area on the night she claimed, and reported that he had never visited the club were Johnston was working at the time.


Dark Secrets the Duggar Family Doesn’t Want You to Know

Since his back-to-back scandals, Josh has returned to the Duggar family’s compound in Arkansas. He and his wife, Anna Duggar, have added more children to the mix and appear to be living inside a warehouse on the Duggar family compound. Fans suspect that Josh may also have a looming federal investigation on his hands after the Department of Homeland Security confirmed they were on hand at a car lot owned by the Duggar family. The details of that investigation have not been released.