‘Counting On’: Deanna Duggar Defends Amy Duggar, Slams Jim Bob Duggar’s Reality TV Show in the Process

Things are getting pretty tense in Northwest Arkansas. At least, things are getting tense for the Duggars. While the world battles the Coronavirus pandemic, Jim Bob Duggar has seemingly lost control of his family’s media machine. In the last several months, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have been outspoken about their domestic issues, and now Deanna Duggar is joining in, albeit in a much more subtle fashion. 

Deanna Duggar came out to defend Amy Duggar and threw shade at Jim Bob and TLC in the process

It is now abundantly clear that Jill and Derick aren’t the only Duggar family members who have a grudge against Jim Bob and TLC. Amy Duggar’s mom, Deanna, recently came out swinging. The mother of one wants the world to know that her daughter, Amy, is incredibly kind, competent, and capable. She noted she is nothing like the way she was portrayed on 19 Kids and Counting

Amy Duggar appears on 'Today'
Amy Duggar | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC Newswire/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

After Amy took to Instagram to share her desire to see donations pour in for the needy, her mother, Deanna, jumped in to inform everyone that “certain reality TV shows” didn’t do her daughter any favors. Family followers were quick to point out that there is, literally, one reality TV show that Deanna could have been referencing. That show is directly connected to her brother’s family. The comment left family followers wondering if there is even more turmoil churning under the surface of the Duggar family’s very wholesome façade. 

Duggar family followers noticed a rift in the supersized family after Mary Duggar’s death

Mary Duggar, the family’s matriarch, died in June 2019. Her passing’s sudden nature took fans by surprise. Her memorial service was featured on Counting On. Shortly after her death, family followers noticed a shift in the dynamics of the supersized family. At the very least, both Amy and Deanna appeared to speak a bit more freely, and they seemed to spend a lot less time around the more famous branch of their family tree. 

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Amy has been somewhat outspoken about her family in the last six months, at least, as much as she can. She’s taken to Instagram to defend her cousin, Jill Duggar. She has also eluded to having signed a non-disclosure agreement that bars her from speaking about the Duggar family. Deanna, in a Livestream, also referred to the contract. 

Are Deanna Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar on speaking terms?

Family followers couldn’t help but notice Deanna’s snippy statements and the way she threw shade at the Duggar family’s reality TV show. So, does that mean she’s feuding with her only sibling? There is no official word on that. Neither Deanna nor Jim Bob has ever spoken about any rift, but fans think there are some subtle indicators that the Duggars are no longer close to Amy and her mom. 

Is it possible that they are no longer on speaking terms? Sure, but some critics think there is more to it than that. Deanna and Jim Bob appear to have vastly different beliefs and vastly different parenting styles. While the rift may be new, it seems equally likely that Jim Bob and Deanna were never particularly close and that Mary was the common factor that kept the siblings, and cousins, connected.