‘Counting On’: Derick Dillard Confirms His Family Is No Longer a Part of the IBLP

The Duggar family belongs to a controversial ultra-conservative Christian ministry called the Institute of Basic Life Principles. The ministry, which picked up steam in the 1990s, has some pretty intense rules, and the Duggar family seems to lift many of their modesty beliefs directly from its religious teachings. That doesn’t mean all of the adult Duggar kids are buying into the ministry, though. Derick Dillard has publicly stated that he, and his wife, Jill Duggar, do not subscribe to the sect’s teachings.

Derick Dillard admits he is not a part of the IBLP

Derick, who spoke with YouTube channel, Without a Crystal Ball, claims that he and his wife, Jill, are not affiliated with the IBLP and will not be using their teachings as they move their family forward. While Derick decided not to speak directly to the audience, he happily answered questions, and he didn’t hold back about his thoughts on the IBLP.

Derick reportedly said that he beliefs the rules associated with the IBLP are problematic and that he thinks that the regulations around female dress and modesty are too strict. Derick’s wife famously wears pants, has piercings, and recently cut her hair. The IBLP strictly prohibits all three decisions. The ministry also advises against the use of alcohol. Derick has been pretty outspoken about the fact that he does not believe that drinking is a sin.

Jill’s new style seems to be directly influenced by Derick

Jill’s style has changed in recent years. Not only has she begun to wear shorts and pants, but she also showed up with a nose piercing in recent years. Jill also decided to cut her waist-length hair into a much shorter and more manageable style. Each style change was celebrated by family followers who are hoping to see at least one Duggar break free from their family’s strict beliefs.

After Derick’s interview with Without a Crystal Ball, it’s clear that many of Jill’s dress code decisions are directly tied to Derick’s belief. The father of two and law school student claimed that his mother wears pants and does so modestly, so he doesn’t see an issue with a woman making the decision to forgo wearing dresses. He also noted that he likes piercings and doesn’t believe long hair is the only option for women.

For followers critical of the family, it’s evident that Derick is still calling the shots, even if his decisions are more mainstream. Jill and Derick proponents, however, have a different take. They mainly believe that Derick has made it clear that Jill is free to make decisions for herself.

Jill and Derick aren’t the only reality TV stars who have denounced the IBLP

The IBLP gave the world two reality TV family. The Bates family, famed for their show Bringing Up Bates, are also members of the IBLP, but it looks like several of that family’s grown children have stepped away from the controversial ministry, too. Chad Paine and Erin Bates, who married in November 2013, have also publicly stated that they no longer follow the IBLP. Chad was also raised within the ministry.

While Derick was more than happy to publicly distance himself from the ministry, none of the other Duggars have come out and suggested they are no longer a part of the group. Their lack of involvement may explain why the couple, and their children, has not joined the Duggars on trips to conferences in recent years, although it doesn’t explain why they haven’t been invited to other family events.