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The Duggar family isn’t exactly in the habit of speaking about their family problems. While most of the Duggars might not want to talk about their issues, Derick Dillard has no problem sharing juicy tidbits with fans via social media. Since December 2019, Derick has jumped on Twitter and Instagram to answer fan questions, and he’s not willing to lie to protect his famous in-laws. Derick is the reason the world knows the Duggar kids aren’t being paid for their time on Counting On, and he’s also the only person who has willingly referred to his wife as an abuse victim. Now, Derick is sharing even more information, and he wants his followers to know his sour feelings aren’t directed at the entire Duggar family.

Derick took to Instagram comments to share his feelings on Counting On’s newest season

Counting On’s newest season premiered on July 7, and Derick was clearly feeling pretty angry about it. The father of two took to the comment section of TLC’s Instagram page to share his thoughts on the show. His first comment was innocent enough. He simply stated that the show was hardly based on “reality,” but as fans started to weigh in, he provided more and more personal information.   

Derick even mused about the possibility of live streaming during the shows, to provide personal insight into what is reality and what is staged for the cameras. Before signing off, he promised that he’d be spilling more tea “in due time.” Derick has teased a tell-all book for nearly a year, and from the sounds of it, that book is not only in the works but it might just be nearing completion. What information will be included in that book is anyone’s guess, though.

Derick admitted that his issue is with ‘the boss’

Derick was in a particularly chatty mood yesterday. Aside from dropping some insider Duggar information, he also willingly answered fan questions. One commenter asked Derick if he and Jill were experiencing turmoil with the entire Duggar family or just “the boss,” and Derick responded. He told the commenter that the family trouble was not with the whole Duggar clan. While neither Derick nor the Instagram user mentioned who “the boss” is, it’s safe to assume they were both referring to Jim Bob Duggar.

Derick Dillard appears on 'Extra'
Derick Dillard | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Derick’s admission seems to fall in line with what most family followers believed was going on behind the scenes. Derick has been willing to answer questions for months, and it’s pretty clear that his feelings about Jim Bob are not particularly positive. While he’s happily shared negative commentary about Jim Bob, he’s mostly left the rest of the Duggar family alone. He hasn’t, for example, said a single word about Michelle Duggar, nor has he spoken negatively about the majority of Jill’s siblings.

Family insiders appear to confirm much of what Derick has said

Derick isn’t the only person who has been speaking out against the Duggar family. In the last 12 months, former employees and even the Duggar family’s rebellious cousin, Amy Duggar, have stepped forward to share some interesting information about Jim Bob. Amy, unlike the others, is bound by a non-disclosure agreement, so her statements on the family are relatively tame, but reported insiders have accused Jim Bob of controlling and manipulative behaviors in the past.

One reported insider who spoke with The Hollywood Gossip claimed Jim Bob forced one disobedient child into marriage to calm him down. That child, Josiah Duggar, is believed to have the unhappiest marriage out of all the Duggar kids, according to family followers. There have also been rumors that Jim Bob and Michelle act like different people when the cameras are off, and neither is opposed to yelling and stomping around the home.