‘Counting On’: Do Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar Drink?

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo may be staying at home amid the Coronavirus pandemic. However, news about the couple’s movements in the weeks before California’s shelter in place order is still trickling in. On an Instagram page, dedicated to Duggar family gossip, a follower claims to have spied the couple drinking alcohol at a restaurant. This, if it is true, is kind of a big deal. The Duggar family is staunchly against alcoholic beverages. If they are drinking, they might not be the only Duggar kids indulging, either.

A confession claims the duo was seen drinking

An Instagram profile dedicated to Duggar confessions, suggests that the pair may actually drink. According to the disclosure, Jinger and Jeremy showed up at St. Anne’s Restaurant and Bar in North Hollywood. According to the anonymous tip, the duo sat down to dine, and each ordered an alcoholic beverage.

The whistleblower, whose account can not be verified, alleges that the pair was assigned to her section. She claims to wait tables at the establishment. According to the confession, Jinger enjoyed a sparkling rosé while Jeremy sipped on an artisanal beer. While the admission can not be verified, as no photographic evidence exists, it does look like it could hold water. Both mentioned beverages are offered at the establishment, according to their online menu. Neither Jeremy nor Jinger have ever mentioned dining at the restaurant, though.

So, do they drink or not?

Whether or not they drink is unknown. At the very least, the pair has never come out and suggested they do, but they haven’t been particularly outspoken about a decision to abstain, either. What fans do know is that Jeremy, at one point in his life, did imbibe. In fact, the former professional soccer player was arrested while intoxicated in college. Jeremy also dated like most mainstream couples during his collegiate career.

While Jeremy may have once indulged in a beer or two, the Duggar family is staunchly against alcohol. Both Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have been outspoken about their decision to abstain, and their home seems to have a strict, no alcohol policy. That doesn’t mean all of the adult Duggar kids are following the rules, though. Fans believe that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard may enjoy a glass of wine now and again, and Amy Duggar, the family’s rebellious cousin, just helped her husband, Dillon King, launch a whiskey bar.

Jeremy and Jinger may not be the only Duggars willing to try an alcoholic beverage

If Jeremy and Jinger are imbibing, they may not be the only ones in the family. Fans have long surmised that Jill and Derick are also indulging in alcoholic beverages. Derick alluded to their drinking in a tweet. The father of two, and law school student, has said that he never claimed that the pair doesn’t drink. Aside from Derick’s social media admission, fans have noticed that the couple has several friends who seem to enjoy wine on a fairly regular basis.

Jill and Derick have emerged as the family trailblazers. Not only does Jill wear pants and shorts, but she also recently enrolled her eldest son, Israel, in public school. Derick, for his part, has taken to outing Jim Bob’s controlling behavior on social media. He’s also alluded to the fact that the couple also uses birth control; which goes against the Duggar family’s belief system.