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Several of the Duggar kids might be all grown up now with families of their own, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve flown far from the nest. In fact, only one Duggar has left the state of Arkansas so far, and several of the Duggar kids are living on the family’s property still. In recent months there has been great debate over what outbuilding Josh and Anna Duggar call home since they’ve sold their farmhouse and moved back onto Duggar-owned land. Are they living in a guest house or do they actually reside inside a windowless warehouse on the property? There is some evidence to suggest the warehouse theory holds water.

Josh and Anna sold their farmhouse for a tidy profit in 2019

Josh and Anna purchased a foreclosure back in 2016 for just $55,000, according to Radar Online. The five-bedroom home was expansive enough for their growing family and likely would have been big enough to house a few more children, too. In 2019, however, the duo decided to sell the property.

It took a few months, but eventually the house sold for $285,000, which was just $15,000 under their asking price. Even with renovations, the couple walked away with a cool profit. When news of the real estate move hit the mainstream media, publications were quick to surmise the troubled couple was headed for divorce. That didn’t happen though, instead, they welcomed their sixth child together.

Josh and Anna haven’t moved into a new home yet

Even though the sale of the home happened way back in the summer of 2019, the couple hasn’t laid down roots in a new home. Instead, they moved back onto the Duggar family property. With acres of land at their disposal, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have plenty of room to house their extended family, In fact, that was Jim Bob’s dream when he was building the house. Even with plenty of space, fans are wondering why the eldest Duggar son is living on the property and exactly where on the acreage he lays his head.

Do Jim Bob and Michelle want to keep Josh close so they can monitor him? There have been some talks of the couple keeping a close eye on Josh since his 2015 scandals, including banning him from using social media. Another option is that Josh and his wife are being punished for a recent string of familial problems, hence their rumored current set up.

So, where are the couple living on the compound really?

It would seem as though the couple is living in a warehouse on the property. There are a few hints that give their location away. The warehouse/garage in question was used when Abbie Burnett was trying on wedding gowns before her trip down the aisle, note Reddit users. In the footage, the family is seen setting up a gathering in the building. Outside footage clearly showed where on the property they were headed. The same fixtures seen during the bridal event are seen in Anna’s Instagram pictures.

Anna has also been posting a ton of photos from the family’s main house, indicating that they clearly live on the property. While there are at least three inhabitable guest homes on the property they’ve long been accounted for. The proper guesthouse is reserved for actual guests, like other families associated with the Institute of Basic Life Principles. The second outbuilding is a pool house that had been previously utilized by Grandma Mary until her tragic death. While the pool house is technically vacant, it seems like Josh and Anna may have been living inside the warehouse prior to Mary Duggar’s passing.

A third building on the property is occupied by Joseph Duggar, his wife Kendra, and their two children. The log cabin was gifted to the couple by Mary when they married and was moved from one location to another to accommodate their growing family. It’s roughly 600 feet from the family’s main home, according to Pop Culture.