‘Counting On’: Do Joy-Anna and Austin Have a Name Picked Out For Their Upcoming Baby?

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth kept a low profile on social media in the first few months of Joy’s pregnancy. Once she announced she was, once again, expecting, all bets were off. Since sharing the happy news, Joy has taken to Instagram to update fans on how things are progressing. The one thing she hasn’t shared yet, though, is the name for the couple’s upcoming arrival. She has a good reason for staying mum on the topic, though.

When is Joy-Anna Duggar due?

Joy took to Instagram in March 2020 to announce that she was once again expecting. The announcement finally put months of rumors to rest. Family followers had been on the lookout for any indication that Joy was pregnant, and in the months leading up to the announcement, they pointed to a few telling signs that another baby was on the way. In her statement, Joy was pretty guarded with the information she shared. She, for example, didn’t share her due date right away, at least not on Instagram.

In April 2020, however, Joy shared more pregnancy-related photos. In one post on April 13, she posted sonogram photos. Joy noted that she was 21 weeks along at the time of the post, meaning the family’s newest addition should arrive sometime in August. In Touch notes that Joy’s official due date is August 19, but baby girl Forsyth could come anytime in August.

What will Joy and Austin name their newest child?

Joy and Austin have failed to share their upcoming child’s name, even after announcing that they were expecting a girl. Joy explained precisely why, in an Instagram post ahead of Mother’s Day. The 22-year-old TV personality said that she and her husband will be heading to the hospital in August sans a name.

Joy told her followers that she and Austin have decided not to name their baby girl until she’s arrived safely. Surely, though, the couple have discussed names. If they have a shortlist they are considering, they haven’t’ shared it just yet, and likely won’t be letting fans in on the decision-making process. Those desperate to find out what the duo will name their next baby will just need to wait for her to arrive.  

How many children will Joy and Austin have?

Joy and Austin are still a young couple, but they didn’t waste any time starting a family. Their first child, Gideon, was born precisely nine months after the couple’s wedding date. The coincidental timing, and the fact that Joy appears to show early in her pregnancies, led to some speculation that the couple had gotten intimate before reciting their vows. Joy and Austin tied the knot in May 2017. Gideon was born in February 2018.

In June 2019, Joy and Austin announced that they were expecting again. The following month, however, the pair shared the sad news that they suffered a loss. Joy opened up on Instagram about experiencing a miscarriage. The pair originally indicated they would wait to conceive again, but speculation began swirling in December that they were expecting. The rumors turned out to be true.

With another one on the way, family followers are wondering if Joy and Austin will follow in the Duggar family’s footsteps with a supersized family. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though. Neither Austin nor Joy have indicated that they are planning a supersized family, but both are open to having more children in the future, according to a YouTube video the pair posted.